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Howard’s Historic Roots

Howard University sits on a Hilltop of its own, some 35 blocks north and east of Georgetown. Long emblematic of academic achievement in the black community, Howard has seen recent difficulties attracting a pool of strong undergraduate applicants and funding students’ educations without excessive debt. These trends illustrate that the[Read More…]

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Divided by Our Labels

I’ve never understood Black History Month. Don’t get me wrong, I get its function: to celebrate the lives of famous African Americans throughout history. And while I certainly feel that it is right to honor those famous individuals who persevered in a society of hate and prejudice, I still do[Read More…]

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BLANK: Humbled by Our History

February marks the annual observance of Black History Month in the United States. This is a time for all Americans to reflect on the triumphs, tragedies, struggles and achievements of blacks throughout American history. The concept of Black History Month has long been controversial. Criticisms have intensified in the wake[Read More…]

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