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Amblin Partners | The heart of “On the Basis of Sex” comes from the biopic’s fusion of Ruth Bader Gisburg’s professional and personal lives. Despite the prominence of the relationship between Ruth, right, and her husband Marty, left, in the film, the love story does not distract from but rather complements the powerful narrative tracing Ruth’s legal fight against gender discrimination.

‘On the Basis of Sex’ Artfully Traces RBG’s Ascent to the Court

★★★★★ As Ruth Bader Ginsburg celebrates her 25th year on the nation’s highest court, “On the Basis of Sex” focuses on the court case that launched her battle to dismantle legal barriers for women, presenting the origin story of the Supreme Court justice we now know as the Notorious R.B.G.[Read More…]

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‘Becoming Astrid’ Reveals Iconic Writer’s Hidden Struggle

‘Becoming Astrid’ Reveals Iconic Writer’s Hidden Struggle

★★★★☆ Presented by Nordisk Film Production and Avanti Film, “Becoming Astrid” acquaints audiences with the personal history of beloved author Astrid Lindgren and provides a window into the life that inspired many of her stories. With a thoughtful performance by Alba August in the titular role and evocative cinematography punctuated[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Tom of Finland’

★★★☆☆ In the aftermath of World War II in Helsinki, Touko Laaksonen, better known by his pen name, Tom of Finland, was quietly breaking the law. Beginning in his teenage years, Laaksonen drew thousands of homoerotic, hypersexualized illustrations of men that ultimately had a mammoth impact on both the gay[Read More…]