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VIEWPOINT: Trump’s Fictitious Russian Equivalency

VIEWPOINT: Trump’s Fictitious Russian Equivalency

On Super Bowl Sunday, something unprecedented in American history occurred: A sitting president of the United States drew a moral equivalency between the United States and Russia. In a pregame interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, President Donald Trump seemed to defend Russian President Vladimir Putin. When O’Reilly questioned how Trump[Read More…]

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Eisenberg: Conservative Change of Mind

Let’s hear from a few of the leading Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential election about their efforts to win over LGBTQ voters. First, there is Baptist minister and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who said earlier this year that giving gay and transgender people equal rights would be like[Read More…]

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Fox’s O’Reilly Goes Too Far in Attacking GU

I’ll admit to being a conservative. I call Louisiana home, am staunchly pro-life and voted for Bush without a moment’s regret. Proudly, I’ll fess up to backing Israel over those who want to destroy her, democracy over tyranny, religiosity over secularism – as would most who identify themselves with the[Read More…]

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