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A Disappointing Silence

Dear Editor,   I realize Georgetown was put in a precarious position not of their own making in Beijing during the brawl, but despite the diplomatic delicacy of the situation, it was very disappointing that not one official from Georgetown’s administration (or the government for that matter) voiced support for[Read More…]

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China’s Resurgence Threatens U.S.

NEVER IN RECENT YEARS HAS A simple question inspired so much debate. The economic rise of China and the military buildup that has followed Beijing’s boom in capital resources has driven American scholars and strategists into a frenzy of speculation over what most mainstream analysts see as an inevitable clash[Read More…]

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Summer Provides An Opportunity To See, Not Just Study

“So, how was your summer?” This is the question faculty and students will be asking one another this week. For faculty and increasingly for students, the answer isn’t expected to be about where you spent your vacation and what you did, but about what you learned and produced. Faculty, especially[Read More…]

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