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You Say Vain, I Say Confident

“Why are you wearing so much makeup?” A surprising number of my conversations start with this question aimed in my direction. I am asked when arriving at class. Going to the gym. Attending meetings. Prepping to go out. Apparently, my eye shadow and lip color selections are of great importance[Read More…]

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MUCHA: Finding Beauty in Modern Art

Although I still struggle to come to terms with many aspects of modern culture, from Twitter to SoulCycle to the Kardashians, one of my most pressing questions about the 21st century concerns contemporary art. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t know why I am so reluctant[Read More…]

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Taylor Tries Out a ‘Feminist’ Beauty Routine

Taylor Tries Out a ‘Feminist’ Beauty Routine

Recently I changed my position from part-time to full-time feminist. While I had always believed in the core tenets of feminism (like that women should be considered equal to men, which is also known as simply being a decent person who believes in basic human rights”), I usually never acted[Read More…]

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Health and Wellness Issue

Health and well-being are concepts integral to one’s college and life experiences. Yet on such a bustling campus, students rarely ever pause to examine their state of mind and body. From personal narratives of conquered eating disorders to health advice from Yates, Leo’s and CAPS employees, this issue explores sides[Read More…]

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The Fluidity of Beauty

The Fluidity of Beauty

On a campus as diverse as Georgetown’s, it is nearly impossible to create one set standard of beauty. Students are drawn here from a multitude of  places defined by their distinct cultures, and each person adds his or her own perspective to the Georgetown community. In a series of videotaped[Read More…]

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Julia Hennrikus

In Korea, Beauty Evolves on Its Own Terms

“Are you half? You have big eyes, for an Asian.” “You have bigger eyes than some of my white friends!” “Have you gotten double-eyelid surgery? Your eyes are pretty.” “You have really western features, for a Korean.” These are a few of the many common statements I have been asked[Read More…]

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Students Redefine Beauty

Here on the Hilltop, Hoyas pride themselves on knowing how to dress. This keen fashion sense is woven into campus life, but until now, nobody has ever found a way to document it. Emerging on the scene this year is Hilltop VoGUe, a campus-run fashion blog that expresses the many[Read More…]

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Tokyo’s Ambiguous Aesthetics

Tokyo’s Ambiguous Aesthetics

Beauty has been chronically difficult to define. Nebulous by nature, its form floats adrift like clouds across a capricious sky, lacking clear borders, resisting prediction. For three months now, I have lived in a climate of aesthetic standards that is far removed from the ambience and vistas to which I[Read More…]

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Valeria Lukyanova has undergone several plastic surgeries and follows an extreme diet in order to have looks similar to that of  a Barbie doll

Proving That Ideas of Beauty Are Simply Unnatural

“What is art? What makes it good or bad, and who decides?” I was re-watching the film “Mona Lisa Smile” when I considered the broader implications of Professor Katherine Watson’s questions. These were questions that, arguably, could relate as much to the subject of beauty as to that of art.[Read More…]

HEYMANN: My Bare Approach to Beauty

HEYMANN: My Bare Approach to Beauty

We all have some weird habits that range from fingernail biting to eating “victory” breakfasts on the morning of a big test. Pretty much everyone has something unique they like to do when no one’s watching. And what’s mine you ask? After I shower, I like to sit around naked[Read More…]

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