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Accepting the Past as Past

It is hard to believe that my freshman year of college is almost over. It feels like just yesterday I was back in Alabama packing up my things, excited to be going out and living on my own for the first time. As I have stated in many of my[Read More…]

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Learning to Love Yourself

Recently, my father has been overly interested in my dating life. Nowadays, it seems not even one conversation can go by without him asking if I’m seeing anyone. I can always hear the disappointment in his tone when I tell I him that I haven’t met anyone since we last[Read More…]

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Leaving the Past to Create a Future

As much as I looked forward to graduation back when I was a senior in high school, there was one thing I dreaded so much that sometimes I wished I could go back in time and cling to my days as an awkward pubescent freshman. And that thing was losing[Read More…]

Comfort Beyond the Table

One of the things I miss most from home is comfort food. I’ve known since I was a little kid that food is important and that it has power; that power is, perhaps, why it plays such a large role in Southern culture. Back in August, just a few days[Read More…]

It Takes a Village

The first thing people say to me when I tell them my mother is deceased is “I’m sorry.” I get why. Although it’s polite to seem sympathetic, for some reason, I always find it just a little bit off-putting. I can’t explain why. Not having a mom does indeed suck,[Read More…]

Leaving Childhood Behind

I’ve never been the type to adjust to change well. After my eighth-grade graduation, I went through a sort of mid-life crisis or whatever you might call a 14-year-old’s equivalent of that. I didn’t have to change schools because our curriculum had been designed to serve grades seven through 12,[Read More…]

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Criticism Prompts Reflection

My last piece in this column, “Why I Won’t Ever Change My Last Name” caused a bit of a stir. While I knew the topic might be seen as controversial, I never expected the response that I got. Some felt offended by the piece and interpreted my words as “condemning” all[Read More…]

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Why I Won’t Ever Change My Last Name

At a very young age, before I had even heard of words like “feminism,” I had already decided that if I were to ever get married, I wouldn’t take my husband’s last name. My family, being the southern traditionalists that they are, at first found my remarks to be cute,[Read More…]

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Trials of Adult Life

I wasn’t lucky enough to be one of those kids who was raised in one house her whole life. But because I have grown up changing residences every couple of years, it has never really bothered me. However, when my father called me a few weeks ago and told me[Read More…]

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Valuing Personal Identity

I’ve never had much of a problem being the minority, having attended predominately white schools for most of my education. Therefore, I expected that my experience at Georgetown would be no different from previous ones. Sure Georgetown had the smallest demographic of African-Americans of all the schools I had ever[Read More…]

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