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Students and faculty protested both Sessions' policies as attorney general and the selective nature of the event by "taking a knee" outside the venue.

Amid Protests, Sessions Lectures GULC Audience on Free Speech

Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended free speech rights on college campuses and condemned protesters who have tried to curtail them at an invitation-only Georgetown University Law Center event Tuesday. Law students protested the event’s organization for being overly selective after more than 130 students who had registered for the event[Read More…]

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to speak at Georgetown Law today yo condemn what he says are assaults on free speech on college campuses.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Speak Today at Georgetown Law

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to give a speech at the Georgetown University Law Center to condemn rising opposition to unrestricted free speech on college campuses this afternoon. Sessions’ address is set to focus on the transformation of universities into an “echo chamber of political correctness and homogenous thought,[Read More…]

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Loretta Lynch Talks Opioid Addiction Policy

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Acting Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency Chuck Rosenberg and Director of the FBI James Comey promoted a unified response to the nation’s opioid epidemic on Wednesday, during the official Prescription Opioid and Heroine Epidemic Awareness Week. Held in Gaston Hall, the discussion also featured a[Read More…]

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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced his retirement in September and will likely step down in the next two weeks.

Holder Talks Race, Drug War in Reflection on Tenure

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation in September after six years in the administration of President Barack Obama, during which time Holder presided over the response to the 2008 financial crisis, the War on Terror and, most recently, the national furor over race relations in the criminal justice[Read More…]

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DC Voting, Statehood Debated

Amid talk of D.C. statehood, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder brought increased attention to the District’s lack of voting representation in Congress in a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus on Sept. 26. Holder, a D.C. resident, gave the speech a day after announcing his plans to resign and focused[Read More…]

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