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Cooper Field Renovation Set to Begin in December

Cooper Field Renovation Set to Begin in December

Renovations for Cooper Field’s new 3,000-seat facility featuring new restrooms, locker rooms and other features will begin December 2017. The project will expand Cooper Field’s current 2,500-seat occupancy and provide a new concessions area, a press box and new entryways to the field, according to the funding approval document. The project[Read More…]

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A Losing Game For Recreational Sports

With its jagged edges, deep indents and torn seams, Kehoe Field wears the scars of an overdrawn battle that has finally come to an end after 37 years. On Feb. 2, it was announced that Kehoe Field was unfit for student use, which the athletics department determined for varsity athletes[Read More…]

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Georgetown received its second-largest donation in history Tuesday for the athletics leadership program and Multi-Sport Facility.

Athletics Receives Unprecedented $50M Donation

Georgetown received a $50 million gift — the fourth-largest donation in the university’s history — to bolster its athletics leadership program and fund renovations for Multi-Sport Facility, announced Tuesday. The gift, which came more than a month after the university’s capital campaign passed its goal of $1.5 billion, was contributed[Read More…]

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Revolutionizing Dignity

Revolutionizing Dignity

Inclusion is the opposite of individualism, fragmentation, loneliness — negative words that resonate too strongly with countless individuals. However, on the night of Saturday, July 25th, a refreshing breeze blew in to drive out the stale, complacent air: the Special Olympics. The games show inclusion and inspiration. Or, what Lawrence[Read More…]

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In its earliest days, The Hoya mainly covered sports. Ninety-five years later, Georgetown’s teams are still central to the newspaper. From the Hoyas on the field in the 1940s to the Hoyas on the court in the 1980s, here is some of The Hoya’s most memorable athletic coverage.    

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Defending Club Athletes

How many times did we hear, “Safety is our number one priority” in high school physical education classes? It may be impossible to count, but if students could glean anything from high school P.E., it’s that there’s no fun in sports when sports aren’t safe. It’s in this spirit that[Read More…]

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IAC Named for Thompson Jr.

IAC Named for Thompson Jr.

Construction on the Intercollegiate Athletics Center, which will be named for former men’s basketball coach John Thompson Jr., will begin this summer, University President John J. DeGioia announced in a campus-wide email Tuesday. The athletics department again announced the center’s full name, the John R. Thompson Jr. Intercollegiate Athletics Center,[Read More…]

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World Cup Expansion Has Merits

With the possible exception of the Olympics, the World Cup is the most culturally significant sporting event on the planet. It has inspired troubled nations, and it even halted a civil war, in the case of the Ivory Coast. The tournament’s combination of infrequency, worldwide appeal and top-level athletic quality[Read More…]

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FOOTBALL | Bruised Hoyas Ready for Lehigh

FOOTBALL | Bruised Hoyas Ready for Lehigh

A week after a tough defeat at Fordham, the Georgetown football team (3-3) will face No. 10 Lehigh (6-0) in what is likely to be the Blue and Gray’s toughest game to date. Sophomore quarterback Stephen Skon — who made his second collegiate start when the Hoyas took on the[Read More…]

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Has Rory Eclipsed Tiger?

Dominance is a tricky thing. In a sporting world that places so much emphasis on training, research and meticulous athletic perfection, it is almost impossible to be dominant in a sport. It is the best against the best. Everyone has access to the same bodybuilding supplements, advanced equipment and personal[Read More…]

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