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COLIN OBRADY | Colin O'Brady completed the first unassisted, unsupported solo crossing of Antarctica in December 2018.

Endurance Athlete Describes Journey to Record-Breaking Antarctica Trek

From struggling to take his first step after an accident in 2008 to completing the first unassisted, unsupported solo crossing of Antarctica, Colin O’Brady described the unexpected events that changed the trajectory of his life Monday. O’Brady’s transcontinental trek spanned 932 miles and took nearly two months to complete. O’Brady[Read More…]

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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY | Alumnus donor Arthur Calagini, who endowed the Calagini Completative Center in 1991, and his wife donated $10 million for financial aid and campus ministry.

Alumnus Donates $10 Million for Financial Aid, Campus Ministry

Long-time benefactors Arthur Calcagnini (CAS ’54) and his wife Nancy donated $10 million to support the Office of Mission and Ministry and financial aid, University President John J. DeGioia announced in a campus-wide email March 12. The university will use $7.5 million of the funds for undergraduate scholarships, and the[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: MOIRA RITTER FOR THE HOYA | Five Georgetown parents and a former GU tennis coach were implicated in a Tuesday indictment for falsely designating applicants as athletic recruits to secure admission.

Georgetown Parents, Former Coach Face Bribery Charges

A former Georgetown tennis coach was charged with accepting bribes from parents to secure their children’s college admission in an indictment involving eight U.S. universities Tuesday. Gordon Ernst falsely designated at least 12 applicants, including those who did not play tennis competitively, as recruits for the Georgetown tennis team, according[Read More…]

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Overcoming the Athlete and NARP Divide

If you are an athlete, what do you think of “non-athletic regular people,” or NARPs for short? If you are a NARP, what do you think of athletes? You can ask anyone on campus and you will hear a few stereotypes about each. But I am in a unique position[Read More…]

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Jake DeCicco inspects a bottle of Sunniva Caffe at the company’s production facility in Elkridge, Md. On Monday the product will officially launch in 11 regional Whole Foods stores.

Sunniva Caffe Debuts in Whole Foods

Wide receiver Jake DeCicco (MSB ’16) wasted no time as he left football practice on the morning of Aug. 28. As most players headed for the showers and then lunch, DeCicco darted with a teammate to his car. A football team meeting was beginning in three hours, but DeCicco could[Read More…]

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The Truth About Being a Georgetown Student Athlete

My cleats are not an indicator of my intelligence. The shin guards in my bag do not stop me from understanding a lecture. The sweats I wear do not lower my IQ. Being a student athlete does not make me a dumb jock. Nevertheless, when I wear my navy Nike[Read More…]

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From the Diamond to the Classroom

Playing collegiate baseball gave me the most rewarding and influential years of my life. The best part of my day started after 1 p.m., when I would head down to the baseball field and put in my athletic work with teammates. Playing baseball taught me so much — how to[Read More…]

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Soccer Deserves Second Look

Culture and athletic identity are always related. In New Zealand, they play rugby; in Canada, hockey. These implanted allegiances to certain sports and certain teams aren’t necessarily based on winning — in Dallas, you’ll see more fans watch the Cowboys take to the gridiron than the Stars hit the ice,[Read More…]

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Title IX Causes Inequity

If everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas, then why is there only one male Division I soccer program in the entire state? The answer to this question is quite simple, but also controversial. When Title IX of the Education Amendments was enacted in 1972, it intended to bring[Read More…]

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MEN’S SOCCER: GU Ties Huskies in Storrs

The Georgetown men’s soccer team faced double overtime for the sixth time this season on Saturday night, tying No. 1 Connecticut (13-1-2, 4-1-2 Big East), 0-0, in front of a packed stadium in Storrs, Conn. The No. 24 Hoyas (9-3-4, 4-2-1 Big East) now have just two games left on the regular season[Read More…]

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