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Restaurant Review: Nobu DC

Restaurant Review: Nobu DC

★★★★☆ Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, known internationally for his blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, has brought his mastery to Georgetown’s West End with the opening of Nobu D.C. in 2017. Although he has 38 restaurants located around the world, Nobu D.C. marks Matsuhisa’s first venture in the nation’s capital. With[Read More…]

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Restaurant Review: Oki Bowl at Georgetown

★★★★☆ The patrons of Oki Bowl @ Georgetown are as charmingly eclectic as the decorations surrounding them. Walking into the restaurant is like travelling to a new world. Leaving behind the bustling traffic of Wisconsin Avenue, visitors of the restaurant sit beneath the warm glow of decorative, muted lamps and[Read More…]

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Southeast Asian Dishes Fail to Charm

Southeast Asian Dishes Fail to Charm

★★☆☆☆ $$ Tucked away in a relatively nondescript red brick building just past M Street on L, Charm Thai embodies the phrase “hole in the wall.” Already an uncommon destination for Georgetown students because of its much closer competitor Mai Thai, this restaurant has more flaws than just its location.[Read More…]

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Cumin lamb at Shanghai Lounge

A Taste of Asia

I rarely dine at an Asian restaurant when I’m in the States for the simple reason that, however authentic the place claims to be, it is no comparison to a restaurant in Asia. Nonetheless, I have still tried a handful of Asian places, and found that I was pleasantly surprised,[Read More…]

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