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An unidentified group of Civil War soldiers look across the Potomac River to the simple landscape of Georgetown’s campus.

Built by Slaves and Jesuits

Established in 1789, Georgetown University is an institution 226 years in the making. From its more historic buildings like Healy Hall and Old North to its newer additions like the Rafik B. Hariri Building and Regents Hall, the campus flows with longstanding tradition mixed with modern change. In its post-Revolutionary[Read More…]

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O’Brien: Vatican II Legacy Felt 50 Years Later

O’Brien: Vatican II Legacy Felt 50 Years Later

At a university, ideas matter. Here on the Hilltop, we have the privilege of learning about and wrestling with ideas that have percolated across the ages. We do this in conversation with great thinkers of the past and fellow students and teachers of the present. In this community of scholars,[Read More…]

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SCHALL: Reflecting on College Friendship

In Plato’s “Republic” (V), Socrates tells Glaucon that anyone “can feel both secure and confident when one has the truth about the dearest and most important things and speaks about them among those who are themselves wise and dear friends.” We want to know the truth and to freely speak[Read More…]

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On Missing the Fall Semester

Thanks to a kind article by Lauren Weber (“Recovering From Jaw Cancer, Schall Will Miss Fall Semester,” THE HOYA, Aug. 31, 2010, A1), many know that I am out for the fall semester due to a combination of jaw cancer and asthma. Try to avoid both! Some scientists hint that[Read More…]

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Defining Identity and Responsibility in Twelve Words

My father is a man of few words. He has always relied on his actions to speak for him. That’s why I remember so vividly the few life-defining conversations he had with me when I was growing up in the suburbs of Phoenix in the 1960s and ’70s. One of[Read More…]

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Hope Springs Eternal on Easter Morning

Guadalupe led our group from Georgetown to the wall on the edge of San Salvador’s central park. It looked very much like the Vietnam War Memorial on the National Mall – slabs of granite with etched names that were too numerous to count. 25,000 names, she told us, out of[Read More…]

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