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KAPASI: An Effort to Understand Kurt Cobain

KAPASI: An Effort to Understand Kurt Cobain

On April 5, 1994, musical sensation Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Lead singer of Nirvana, Cobain is considered one of the voices of his generation — he is remembered for being a reluctant rock star, a tortured genius and a heroin addict. To this day, he represents the sad contradiction of[Read More…]

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A.V. ID: Sirens of the Summer

A.V. ID: Sirens of the Summer

With summer upon us, there has been lots of talk about what the song of the summer will be — inevitably, some catchy pop song that will soon get overplayed and start grating at my ears. So instead, I am turning my focus to the artists who are truly putting[Read More…]

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Artists Take A Stand in 2016-17

Art, as a form of public speech, is inherently political and engages with existing thoughts and ideologies. After a remarkably eventful year in the political and social spheres, art and culture have naturally adopted similar themes. From restaurants to comedy clubs to movie theaters, artists and public figures have been[Read More…]

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Poetry Speaks in D.C.

My metal plates feel like fire These are my hands When I place my palms together and hold them tight it looks as if I am praying to God beseeching for you With my pious hands I can make your hair silky straight The only sound Is that singe The[Read More…]