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Noah Taylor

Arts Need Our Voice

With only four music practice rooms in the Healey Family Student Center and two in LXR Hall, there are barely enough available spaces on campus to serve all of Georgetown’s 7,595 undergraduate students. On April 19, the Georgetown University Student Association dedicated its final Hoya Roundtable of the spring semester[Read More…]

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Aaron Maybin is on a mission to prove the power of artistic expression. After Baltimore cut its arts and music programs, Maybin launched his own program in the city with a focus on underprivileged and at-risk youth.

Art as Activism

Aaron Maybin, a former National Football League star, retired from professional football in 2014 to pursue a notable track in art and philanthropy full time, with the mission of encouraging underprivileged youth to create art. On Tuesday night, the Women’s Center, Health Education Services and the Center of Multicultural Equity[Read More…]

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Fourteen paintings by 20th century American abstract artist Ralph Wickiser, including his symbolic depictions of natural scenes and landscapes, are on display in the Spagnuolo Art Gallery in the Edmund A. Walsh Building from Jan. 20 to April 3.

Against the Stream

Step inside the Spagnuolo Art Gallery in the Edmund A. Walsh Building and behold an autumn forest, replete with bare trees, a dark stream lined with boulders and a ground coated with orange leaves almost like water itself. For students native to New York, the scene offers a nostalgic taste[Read More…]


A Hint of Japan’s Artistry on The Hilltop

On paper, Samu Boyne (SFS ’18) seems like your typical Georgetown student: He ismajoring in regional comparative studies and is originally from Dallas, Texas. However Boyne is an accomplished painter with a special interest in Japanese culture and the ability to make delicate artwork using coffee as paint. The Hoya[Read More…]

Why I Will Never Be A Musician

Why I Will Never Be A Musician

I have two older sisters, ages 24 and 21. When we were kids, my parents devoted most of their time, energy and money to making us the world’s next musical prodigies. My oldest sister had a brief stint with the piano, then with the trumpet and then with the trombone.[Read More…]

A donation from the de la Cruz family will fund the construction of a new art gallery in the Walsh Building. The gallery will open fall 2017.

Endowed Gallery Expands Art Space

Georgetown will open a 2,500-square-foot art gallery in the Edmund A. Walsh Building in fall 2017 after receiving an unspecified donation from alumni Maria (CAS ’87) and Alberto de la Cruz (CAS ’89). The de la Cruz Gallery of Art will serve as a space for travelling exhibitions and historical[Read More…]

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The Art of the Photobomb

If you type “how do you” into your Google search bar, one of the first options to appear is “how do you photobomb.” A phenomenon that has come to define our generation of selfie-takers and digital conversation-makers, the photobomb is often seen as a comical way to leave your cyber[Read More…]

SHRINATH: In Paris, Art Can Take Many Forms

SHRINATH: In Paris, Art Can Take Many Forms

In front of a house sinking into the street, a group of nine performers — four women, five men, all white, clad in shabby dark suits — chants loudly in French. An audience gathers on one side. Some take out their phones to record; others tilt their heads. One man,[Read More…]

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The Process of Becoming America, The Beautiful

James was walking through the High Museum of Art in Atlanta with his brother, Jonathan, when he said something truly profound to him. As they passed by the various works of art, a section of the museum filled with intricate sculptures caused them to pause and take note. In front[Read More…]

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In Judging All Forms of Art, Audience, Timing Is Everything

Music is unlike most any other art form. It can be recreated, re-performed and, above all, reinterpreted. This semester, the Georgetown University Symphony Orchestra will perform a piece that has been reinterpreted many times over the past few decades — Charles Ives’ Symphony No. 2. The piece was composed on[Read More…]

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