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GU Professors Address Political Art

Georgetown is a center of dialogue about art and politics, integrating both of these disciplines through its diverse coursework. The department of art and art history gives students the opportunity to explore political concepts and movements through a strong arts education. Art as a Foundation Georgetown’s art and art history[Read More…]


Artist, Author, Visionary: Clifford Chieffo

Patrick Ewing. “The Exorcist.” Booth 133 at The Tombs. They all have one thing in common: Emeritus art department professor Clifford Chieffo. Chieffo taught Ewing painting, served as a liaison and location scout to Warner Bros. when the company filmed on campus and has been to The Tombs so many[Read More…]

Beneath The Tombs: A Rich Art History

Beneath The Tombs: A Rich Art History

Few restaurants have had as large an impact on the Georgetown community as The Tombs. There, men have proposed on bent knee, alumni have reunited and students have gathered for trivia nights, dance parties and 21st birthday celebrations. From its opening in 1962 to its role in the 1985 drama[Read More…]

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St. Mary in Medieval Art

I associate many cities with paintings that live in them. Long before I moved here in 2006, mention of Washington, D.C. often brought to mind Jan van Eyck’s “Annunciation.” This 3-foot-tall panel was made in the 1430s, centuries before anyone had ever imagined this city. The painting was here when[Read More…]

Georgetown’s Lost Art

One academic department at Georgetown has gained campus notoriety lately for being a far cry from state of the art. Roughly 20 undergraduates in each graduating class choose to major in art, art history or art and museum studies. The problem for these students — besides having to overcome the[Read More…]

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Art Program Lacks Space, Support

Art Program Lacks Space, Support

For a school graced by imposing architecture and a scenic setting, finding art can be surprisingly difficult. But even as students and faculty lament that the department of art and art history gets little recognition from a community preoccupied with politics and business, the campus art scene has carved out[Read More…]

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