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Artist, Author, Visionary: Clifford Chieffo

Patrick Ewing. “The Exorcist.” Booth 133 at The Tombs. They all have one thing in common: Emeritus art department professor Clifford Chieffo. Chieffo taught Ewing painting, served as a liaison and location scout to Warner Bros. when the company filmed on campus and has been to The Tombs so many[Read More…]

Georgetown’s Lost Art

One academic department at Georgetown has gained campus notoriety lately for being a far cry from state of the art. Roughly 20 undergraduates in each graduating class choose to major in art, art history or art and museum studies. The problem for these students — besides having to overcome the[Read More…]

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A Lost Art on Campus

Many first-year students entering Georgetown are well versed in the arts. Musicians, visual artists, performers and authors appear in each incoming class. Considering this annually refreshed pool of talent and our tradition of trumpeting “care for the whole person,” the stage is surely set for the university’s arts culture to[Read More…]

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