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Rapper Meek Mill advocated for criminal justice reform based on his own experiences with the system at an event Wednesday. Mill was released from prison in April after serving five months of a two- to four-year sentence. He criticized the criminal justice system for discriminating against minorities and protecting wealthy white men

Meek Mill: Justice System Protects White Men

The U.S. criminal justice system protects wealthy white men, rapper Meek Mill said at an event Wednesday night in Lohrfink Auditorium. Mill, a Philadelphia native, was first arrested in 2007 for possession of drugs and an unlicensed firearm, and was sentenced to prison two years later. Mill was released on[Read More…]

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Suspect Arrested in Henle Burglaries

Georgetown University Police Department, in coordination with Metropolitan Police Department, arrested a suspect Tuesday for three burglaries committed in Henle Village. Two of the burglaries occurred Monday, followed by another incident on Tuesday. All three incidents featured residences with unlocked doors, allowing Antoine Gibson, a 36-year-old male not affiliated with[Read More…]

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Student Arrested Outside Epicurean

An altercation between two roommates took place outside Epicurean and Co. around 1:15 a.m., according to a Department of Public Safety officer. A police officer at the scene told The Hoya that the students were under the influence of alcohol. One roommate was treated by the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical[Read More…]

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Suspects Arrested in Vittles Theft Case

A man suspected of stealing a Corp employee’s iPad and a female suspected of being his accomplice were arrested outside of Vital Vittles around 7 p.m. Monday night. An employee of the convenience store saw the two individuals and matched the male’s image with that of a man who had[Read More…]

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Stay Behind the Barricade

Georgetown has long produced students keen on both activism and international affairs. But in light ofDerrik Sweeney’s (COL ’13) recent experiences in Cairo, it’s time to remind ourselves of the responsibility that accompanies the privilege of studying abroad. Considering our myriad study abroad programs, immersion language programs and majors dedicated to[Read More…]

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Sweeney Reflects on Imprisonment

It’s been almost a week since Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13) was released from police custody in Cairo, but the experience is still fresh in his mind. “It’s mind-boggling that now I’m here, texting with my friends in Missouri, considering where I was two days ago,” he said Wednesday. Sweeney and[Read More…]

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Sweeney Arrives in St. Louis

Sweeney Arrives in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO. — After landing in St. Louis Saturday night following his release from police custody in Cairo Friday,Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13) couldn’t stop smiling. Sweeney, along with two other American students, was detained by Egyptian authorities Tuesday after being accused of participating in violent protests in TahrirSquare. His late-night flight[Read More…]

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Friends, Family Stunned by Sweeney’s Arrest

As friends and family of Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13), who was detained in Cairo Tuesday, received details regarding his arrest, many expressed surprise and disbelief at the accusations leveled against him. Sweeney was one of three American students studying abroad at the American University in Cairo arrested for allegedly participating in violent[Read More…]

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Student Arrested in Cairo

Student Arrested in Cairo

Georgetown student Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13) was among three students at the American University in Cairo arrested by Egyptian police Tuesday and accused of participating in violent demonstrations. The three students have been moved to a prosecutor’s office in the southern part of the city, according to AUC’sDirector of Communications for North America,[Read More…]

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With New Law, MPD Can Arrest for Noise Violations

An amendment to D.C. Official Code went into effect Tuesday, placing harsher restrictions on disruptive noise and marking a major shift in the Metropolitan Police Department’s capacity to crack down on gatherings such as student parties. The Disorderly Conduct Amendment Act of 2010 states that making unreasonably loud, disruptive noise[Read More…]

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