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Applicants More Diverse, Dispersed in Record-Setting Year

Applicants More Diverse, Dispersed in Record-Setting Year

This year’s prospective freshman class set a record with 20,050 applications to the university’s class of 2016. But they also set a record in diversity, as the numbers of African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and international students applying to the university continued to rise, according to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon.[Read More…]

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Faculty: New Recruiters

Georgetown’s faculty of big-name policymakers and public intellectuals has long been an asset in the increasingly competitive game of college admissions. Now these academic heavyweights are becoming involved in the process beyond their work in the classroom, reviewing applications and communicating with accepted students in an effort to increase yield[Read More…]

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Website to Assist Foreign Applicants

The Department of Homeland Security unveiled a new website last week to help ease the admission process for international students applying to American universities. According to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, the Study in the States website will be a “one-stop shop” for international students looking for relevant information[Read More…]

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Rethinking Best Fit, GU School

Each year, applicants to Georgetown are asked to check a small box next to the name of one of the undergraduate schools. They write essays explaining their interest in that specific school: the dream of being the next Secretary of State, a love for the liberal arts, a passion for[Read More…]

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Applications Hit Record High

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions sent letters of acceptance to 2,345 high school seniors on Friday, selecting 18 percent of applicants to the Class of 2015. The admission rate this year was slightly lower than last year’s regular cycle rate of 19.3 percent. The acceptance rate for the College was[Read More…]

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Website Publishes College Application Essays

In the quest to receive an offer of admission from one of the nation’s elite colleges, some students rack up bills paying for high-price counselors to aid them in writing the perfect essay, while others feel left behind.  One new website, The Essay Exchange, hopes to level the playing field.[Read More…]

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Applications to Class of 2015 Hit Record High

Applications to Class of 2015 Hit Record High

A record high of 19,300 students have applied for admission to Georgetown’s Class of 2015, signaling a 6.8 percent jump from last year’s 18,070 applicants, according to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon. Deacon said in an interview with The Hoya that the increase largely reflects a higher number of[Read More…]

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Minority Apps’ Steep Rise May Reflect Shift

Georgetown has seen a dramatic rise in early undergraduate applications from minority students, specifically black students, this admissions cycle. Applications in the early pool from minority students rose by about 24.5 percent on the whole. Within that figure, early applications from black students jumped the most, with an increase of[Read More…]

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Scheduling Conflict

Imagine you are applying to be a resident assistant. While your upperclassman peers pair up and enter housing selection in late October, you diligently work on your RA application for the mid-November deadline. You then spend the next few months sitting back comfortably envisioning your private single or your spacious[Read More…]

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Students Reimagine Hilltop

Currently, as is the case every fall, undergraduates have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on Georgetown through the Re-Imagining Georgetown (RIG) Partnership, which awards up to $10,000 in grants to those with a vision for improving student life on the Hilltop. A collaborative effort among The Corp, GUASFCU[Read More…]

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