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GALIBA: Choosing Self-Care Despite Stress

GALIBA: Choosing Self-Care Despite Stress

I thought shooting stars were a myth. They may be astronomically proven, and relentlessly depicted in popular culture, but one had never streaked across my eye. This skepticism held true until I was laying on the grass at midnight at the Calcagnini Contemplative Center in the middle of last April.[Read More…]

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Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Finding Faith On a Knife’s Edge

Spirituality within college life can exist while being deep, full and beautiful. On this campus, in particular, the opportunity for connection, religious experience and the discovery of each person’s inner castle is always at hand. The heightened intellectual and social activity of college life lends itself to a greater awareness,[Read More…]

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Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home

Two weeks ago, my father and brother were on campus to help me move out of my apartment for the summer. As we stuffed the last of my boxes and clothes hangers into the trunk of the car, my father asked me if we needed to go back to the[Read More…]

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An Undue Silence About Mental Health

An Undue Silence About Mental Health

We all have doubts. We doubt our choices, our abilities and our goals. Rational, healthy feelings of doubt can be used constructively to identify and confront any challenge, but there is also the debilitating, paralyzing doubt that can obliterate initiative upon conception, which is the doubt that dominated my life[Read More…]

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The Wrong Prescription

Anxiety rises quickly in the face of tight deadlines and the pressure for high achievement. While it is, of course, difficult to cope with heightened stress, the unauthorized use of cognitive-enhancing drugs not only poses a dangerous physical and legal risk to students, but is also a blatant form of[Read More…]

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The Lonely Path

The Lonely Path

Ben Perotin (COL ’14) was depressed for four months before he realized something was wrong. “I had an extremely lowered mood, lack of appetite, hopelessness, suicidal ideation [and was] completely withdrawing socially,” he says, speaking with a sort of clinical precision. He taps his fingers on the desk as he enumerates each[Read More…]

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Ringing in Senior Year With Anxiety and Flair

Senior year: the last hurrah of the college experience, the time to enjoy one last year with those friends you’ve called family for the past three and, of course, the time to figure out what you’re going to do with your life — or, in my case, at least start[Read More…]

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An Overlooked Disorder: Exploring Panic Attacks

When people meet me for the first time, they tend to assume that I’m a confident person — as they should, because I would describe myself that way as well. I feel at home in public forums, laughing with friends and interacting with people. Trying to build relationships is what[Read More…]

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Words of Encouragement For a Melancholy World

I am worried that everyone is far too worried. Here on campus, students stress about the constant stream of midterms, papers, job interviews, internship applications, scholarship requests and extracurricular responsibilities, with a side of drug and burglary concerns and a touch of traveling plans. With all this on their plate,[Read More…]

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Bonding in a Time of Anxiety

Every graduating class finds something to bond its members-a memory that dominates conversation at senior retreats and class reunions. Usually it happens toward junior or senior year, once everybody has established themselves. The two-month point of freshman year more or less marks the end of social fumbling and the beginning[Read More…]

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