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Keep it Simple, Stupid

Some time ago, I was at a party and had to step away from the kitchen for a bathroom break. Upon returning, I found a few guests who had tried — unsuccessfully — to mix a drink of their own creation. Apparently, it tasted off, so they added more ingredients.[Read More…]

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BeWell Campaign Seeks to Redefine Alcohol Norms

Georgetown’s first-ever Social Norms Campaign, which aims to promote responsible drinking on campus, will begin this Monday. Health Education Services is launching the campaign as part of its annual BeWell Week, which now lasts 14 days. Similar to last year’s event, which was held the week of Sept. 26, BeWell[Read More…]

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Shake it Up: Tools for a Novice Bartender

New York City does drinks fancy. At the first bar I visited there this summer, I spent an unreasonable amount of money on a tequila cocktail made with clarified peach juice. It was poured over a two-and-a-half-inch ice cube made from distilled water. To date, it remains one of the[Read More…]

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Condoms, Alcohol found on Dahlgren Chapel Steps

Condoms, Alcohol found on Dahlgren Chapel Steps

The steps of Dahlgren Chapel were found littered with condom wrappers and cups of alcohol late Tuesday night. Ron Boehmer (COL ’12), who was studying in Macguire Hall at the time of the incident, said that he heard a group of about 20 students gathering in Dahlgren Quad around 10:30 p.m. “I couldn’t really see what they[Read More…]

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Pint by Pint

Pint by Pint

As the first commercial brewery to operate within the District of Columbia in decades, D.C. Brau is spearheading the push to revive Washington’s beer culture while also fighting for the political issues it most emphatically supports. first and foremost among them being D.C. statehood.   Distilling Success According to the Brewers Association,[Read More…]

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DPS Blotter

Thursday, Jan.19, 2012 Alcohol Violation, Village A, 1:18 a.m. A Department of Public Safety officer investigating a noise complaint discovered the underage occupants of a room consuming alcoholic beverages. The case has been forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct.   Theft, Southwest Quad Parking Garage, 8:42 a.m. A staff member reported that[Read More…]

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Aiming to Boost Tax Revenues, DC Revises Liquor Sale Hours

Aiming to Boost Tax Revenues, DC Revises Liquor Sale Hours

Select bars and restaurants are now permitted to start serving alcohol at 8 a.m. on Sundays in accordance with new Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration policies effective Oct. 1. Liquor stores in the Georgetown area must apply to ABRAin order to be approved for extended hours. The shift is part of a series[Read More…]

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After Drop, Alcohol Violations Spike 30% in 2010

Reported crime on-campus began to decline in 2010, but alcohol violtions jumped 30 percent in the same period, according to the Department of Public Safety’s 2010 Crime Awareness and Campus Security Report. The report listed a total of 477 alcohol violations in the 2010 calendar year, a significant increase from the 334[Read More…]

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Report: Alcohol, Studying Key to GPA

A study by Todd Wyatt, a doctoral student at George Mason University, has found that the “work hard, play hard” attitude of students at many elite universities negatively affects their GPAs. The study indicates that drinking is equivalent only to time spent studying as the most significant predictor of students’[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s Alcohol-Related Incidents 50% Higher Than GWU’s

Georgetown’s Alcohol-Related Incidents 50% Higher Than GWU’s

Medical responders treated 50 percent more alcohol-related incidents per student at Georgetown than at nearby The George Washington University last semester. When adjusted for the relative sizes of the undergraduate student bodies, Georgetown saw a rate of 1.53 calls per 100 students involving alcohol. GWU sported a lower rate of[Read More…]

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