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Apps Compete With Local Liquor Stores

Thanks to apps like Drizly and Klink and delivery services like Ultra, buying alcohol has never been easier, although some question this increased convenience. As alcohol delivery services like these take hold in Washington, some local liquor stores worry about the potential impact on their clientele and sales. Despite contention[Read More…]

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Freshman Violations Hidden

First-time violations of some Code of Student Conduct regulations that occur during freshman year will no longer be visible to employers and graduate schools on a student’s disciplinary record, after changes to the code implemented this summer that the Office of Student Conduct is expected to announce today. A first-time[Read More…]

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Coors Light Clemency

No week of a student’s life is more socially excruciating than the first week of college. The new liberties associated with living on one’s own, combined with the pressure to find friends within the first few weeks of college, can lead to understandable lapses in judgment, especially when it comes[Read More…]

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Rí Rá ID Policy Unclear

Rí Rá ID Policy Unclear

While students have flocked to popular Irish pub Rí Rásince its opening in December, unclear policies regarding identification have drawn confusion and hostility from some of its younger patrons. According to Rí Rá manager Andie Christie, the pub requires two forms of identification to be admitted at night. “Our policy has always been to ask for two[Read More…]

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Dive Bars

Dive Bars

Red Derby 3718 14th St. NW $$$$ Tucked away in Columbia Heights, Red Derby is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Marked only by the red hat painted above its door, this restaurant-bar is notable for its cheap beer (cans only) and great happy hour, where every drink is[Read More…]

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Campus Crime Up in 2012

Campus Crime Up in 2012

Overall reported crime increased at Georgetown’s main campus but decreased at the Georgetown University Law Center in downtown D.C. this year, according to the Department of Public Safety’s 2013 Annual Crime Report. The report highlights reported crime trends at the two D.C. campuses and the McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean[Read More…]

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Drug Stores Apply to Sell Alcohol

Two drug stores on Connecticut Avenue may be prevented from receiving liquor licenses due to the contested definition of a full service grocery store under Washington, D.C. law. The CVS Pharmacy at 2601 Connecticut Ave. NW and the Walgreens at 4225 Connecticut Ave. NW are both awaiting approval for a[Read More…]

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“You’re only an alcoholic once you graduate.” This philosophy is accepted by most as an unspoken rule of college life. And while most of the time that attitude is voiced as a harmless joke after a heavy night (or several nights) of partying, it can foster an environment that understates[Read More…]

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Shops to Take Advantage of Sunday Alcohol Sales

Shops to Take Advantage of Sunday Alcohol Sales

Liquor stores in Washington, D.C., have begun to apply for permits to sell alcohol seven days a week after new legislation was passed striking down the city’s prohibition of alcohol sales on Sundays. The D.C. Council passed the Omnibus Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Emergency Amendment Act Dec. 18, 2012, repealing the[Read More…]

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DC Stores to Sell Alcohol on Sundays

Liquor stores in the District of Columbia will now be open on Sunday. The D.C. Council approved the measure earlier today, revoking Blue Laws that mandated that liquor stores be closed on Sundays. The new legislation also permits licenses for the creation of wine pubs and the sale of 64[Read More…]

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