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Five undergraduate students have declared majors in African American studies, a program that launched this fall alongside an African American studies department as part of multiple commitments made to address racial injustice at Georgetown.

African American Studies Major Interest Examined

Five undergraduates have declared an African American studies major in the program’s first semester, according to African American studies Program Director Robert J. Patterson. The students are juniors and seniors. Another 20 students have declared a minor during the course of the semester. The minor was originally introduced in 2005.[Read More…]

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Chatelain Recognized for Passion, Innovation

Within her first four years at Georgetown, history professor Marcia Chatelain – the recipient of this year’s College Academic Council Honors Teaching Award – has established herself as a passionate, caring and innovative educator. With a diverse array of interests, Chatelain teaches multiple courses on African-American history and culture, including “History[Read More…]

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President DeGioia addressed racial injustice and announced four new commitments on Georgetown’s engagement with race in a speech to the Georgetown community on Feb. 4.

DeGioia Addresses Racial Injustice

University President John J. DeGioia announced four new commitments to address Georgetown’s engagement with race, including the expansion of African American studies to include a major, during his “Racial Injustice in America: A Framework for Georgetown’s Future Engagement” address in Lohrfink Auditorium last Thursday. DeGioia enumerated four explicit commitments, beginning[Read More…]

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DeGioia Announces African American Studies Department

University President John J. DeGioia announced a plan for four new commitments designed to address racial injustice and progress for racial equality both on campus and nationally in an address to the community in Lohrfink Auditorium on Thursday afternoon. DeGioia’s proposed commitments include the proposal for an African American studies department[Read More…]

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A Major Necessity

Thanks to the efforts of the African American Studies Program and the Provost’s Committee for Diversity, Georgetown students may have the option to major in African American studies in the near future. The proposal has the support of many Georgetown students and boasts an intrinsic value important to any institution[Read More…]

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Petition Advances Major

The African American Studies Program and the Provost’s Committee on Diversity created a petition to establish an African American studies major last Wednesday, five years after the idea was first discussed. The petition calls for an increased allocation of resources and faculty to the African American Studies Program. The program[Read More…]

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GU Talks Greater Campus Diversity

Potential measures addressing issues of diversity at Georgetown took center stage at open forum events this week, with a second town hall for the Diversity Initiative’s academic working group on Wednesdsay and a Thursday panel discussion with faculty and administrators. The academic working group town hall convened for feedback about[Read More…]

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