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Five undergraduate students have declared majors in African American studies, a program that launched this fall alongside an African American studies department as part of multiple commitments made to address racial injustice at Georgetown.

African American Studies Major Interest Examined

Five undergraduates have declared an African American studies major in the program’s first semester, according to African American studies Program Director Robert J. Patterson. The students are juniors and seniors. Another 20 students have declared a minor during the course of the semester. The minor was originally introduced in 2005.[Read More…]

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College Dean Chester Gillis recently announced he would step down in June 2017. He plans on taking a yearlong sabbatical before returning to Georgetown’s theology department.

Gillis Reflects on Term

From hosting intimate conversations with first-year students over dinner at his home to promoting increased racial awareness through the development of an African American studies major, College Dean Chester Gillis’ commitment to Georgetown and its students has been a constant force on the Hilltop since his arrival almost three decades[Read More…]

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College Embraces New Programs

In recent years, the College has introduced a number of majors and minors in response to student interest, but many academic departments find themselves unable to accommodate the growing demand. Administrators are struggling to keep these programs as inclusive as possible while managing limited resources and attempting to preserve the[Read More…]

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Petition Advances Major

The African American Studies Program and the Provost’s Committee on Diversity created a petition to establish an African American studies major last Wednesday, five years after the idea was first discussed. The petition calls for an increased allocation of resources and faculty to the African American Studies Program. The program[Read More…]

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