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Vice Provosts Start Term

In an effort to restructure leadership on campus and to increase focus on interdisciplinary study, three new vice provost positions, created by Georgetown Provost Robert Groves last January, have been filled by current professors at Georgetown. Georgetown’s new vice provost for research is biology and psychology professor Janet Mann. Public[Read More…]

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GUSA Challenges Keg Rules

The GUSA senate unanimously passed a resolution Sunday calling for an end to the one-keg limit for on-campus parties and for disciplinary rules and expectations for weekend nights to be applied to socializing on Georgetown Day. Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson said he would consider the proposal. “It is possible,”[Read More…]

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Study Site Promotes Student Discourse

Georgetown students have joined forces with StudyHall, an online learning platform that they believe can complement Blackboard as a useful online platform for education, though they have not reached out to the Georgetown administration. Approximately 650 Georgetown undergraduates have signed up for the service, as have approximately 1,000 people throughout the[Read More…]

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System Stymies Progress

Back in 2007, nearly one in seven water fountains on Georgetown’s campus was broken. One student saw this as a problem that could easily be solved by a meeting with the Department of Facilities. A “Reimagine Georgetown” grant, an article in The Hoya and a GUSA resolution later, Karen Frank,[Read More…]

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New CSP Admin Chosen

Amanda Carlton, an administrator at the University of California, Berkeley, will become the adviser for the Student Activities Commission and associate director of student programs on Feb. 15. Carlton, who serves as interim director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Student Leadership, will replace Bill McCoy, who left the university in August to[Read More…]

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Students Given Chance to Voice Concerns to Administration

The first of several university-led forums for students to share their concerns about university services will kick off in Sellinger Lounge Wednesday at 5 p.m. Chief Operating Officer Christopher Augostini will lead the forums as one of his first major acts in his new role. He proposed the forums as a way to gather greater[Read More…]

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Administration Caved to Plan A Bullying

To the editor: As a recent alumnus and long-time editor at The Hoya, the university’s response to the belligerent and disrespectful group, Plan A: Hoyas for Reproductive Justice, angered me. I spent countless hours begging, fighting and planning in order to soften the university’s unreasonable stance on The Hoya becoming[Read More…]

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