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New Congress Worries Adjuncts

After the November midterm elections left the Republican Party firmly in control of both the House and the Senate, the change in power could halt the unionization of adjunct professors around the country, despite a breakthrough year for union advocates in the District. Following the unionization of adjunct professors at[Read More…]

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A Next Step for DC Adjuncts

Adjunct faculty in Washington, D.C., organized through the Service Employees International Union made major progress in an attempt to create a much-needed common labor agreement. At the national town hall event hosted by Georgetown last Monday, where adjunct professors are in the process of negotiating their first union contract, 40[Read More…]

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Adjunct Union Pursues Contracts

Following the successful unionization of Georgetown’s adjunct professors in May, the Services Employees International Union Local 500 union has been working with the university to develop a revised contract for the spring semester. SEIU Local 500, which also represents adjuncts at American University and The George Washington University, is optimistic[Read More…]

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Adjunct Union Extends Reach

While Georgetown’s adjunct professors are in the midst of voting on unionization, the organization seeking to represent them, Service Employees International Union, is gearing up to target higher education workers in other metropolitan areas. Following its success galvanizing adjuncts to unionize at Montgomery College in Rockville, Md., and American University[Read More…]

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Adjunct Role Merits Fair Compensation

Most Georgetown students have probably given thought to a labor issue at some point in their lives. Perhaps you make an effort to buy fair-trade coffee, or maybe you have done economics homework on the effects of raising the minimum wage. There’s a chance that you’ve even attended a rally[Read More…]

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A Right to Know

Navigating the murky waters of pre-registration has become clearer with the advent of MyAccess. The system still falls short, however, during the period between pre-registration and the start of the semester. yAccess takes into account the fact that subject matter is not the only factor students consider when choosing a[Read More…]

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