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7 Things to Do in DC This Summer

Nat Geo Nights The National Geographic Museum opens in the evening for special programming on the third Thursday of each summer month. The activities for guests include a happy hour featuring trivia, music, food and drinks, followed by talks with National Geographic scientists, conservationists and storytellers, known as National Geographic[Read More…]

Step Three: Release

Step Three: Release

I remember during the fall semester of this past school year I had created what I thought was an awesome workout plan for myself. I was going to go to the gym everyday (excluding weekends, of course, because I could never be that productive) and do cardio for 30 minutes[Read More…]

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The Productivity Problem

The Productivity Problem

The ever-popular production possibilities frontier, or PPF, puts productivity in the terms that I’m confident many Georgetown students are familiar with. Picture the top-right quarter of any circle — like an Eat & Joy pizza. What this wise pizza tells us, in terms of guns and butter, is that we[Read More…]

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Funding Overhaul To Make Allocation Fair

In a few short weeks, the Student Activities Commission will consider budget submissions from over 105 student organizations, the largest number of groups that has ever been funded. For this current semester, SAC had $103,190 to allocate to all our groups. We received well over $200,000 in requests and had to[Read More…]

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The iPad Wars: Fighting for Kids’ Attention

Rolling vineyards surround us. Palm trees stand like sentries by the driveway. The crystalline sea hides, just visible on the horizon. And a battle rages. It is a fight played out daily in this idyllic setting, me against an army: iPads, computers, iPhones, TV and video games. The winning prize?[Read More…]

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