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Fight For Campus

Last April, over a third of the undergraduate student body rallied to advocate for a student voice in master planning by participating in the “Let’s Not Get Screwed Again” campaign. The movement pushed for issues regarding off-campus housing, building renovations, new construction and the need to create space for student[Read More…]

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Help Hyde Park

While many Georgetown students strive to make a difference on a global scale, we must recognize the important ways that we can contribute to our immediate community as undergraduate students. We spend countless hours in extracurriculars that make visible impacts on our campus, yet the community around us deserves attention[Read More…]

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Aaron Maybin is on a mission to prove the power of artistic expression. After Baltimore cut its arts and music programs, Maybin launched his own program in the city with a focus on underprivileged and at-risk youth.

Art as Activism

Aaron Maybin, a former National Football League star, retired from professional football in 2014 to pursue a notable track in art and philanthropy full time, with the mission of encouraging underprivileged youth to create art. On Tuesday night, the Women’s Center, Health Education Services and the Center of Multicultural Equity[Read More…]

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Defined by Truth

The 2015 fall semester has been marked by powerful examples of student activism and a campus-wide commitment to social justice in a myriad of forms. Over the past few months, passionate students and student groups have taken to social media, Red Square and even the president’s office to confront many[Read More…]

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Solidarity Demonstrators Call for University Action

Black student activists led around 250 students, faculty and community members in a demonstration on Red Square tonight to express solidarity with students of color experiencing racism in universities domestically and internationally. The group announced a list of demands directed to university administration, addressing racial injustice at Georgetown. The activists[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

For Climate Action, a March of Unity

Integral to all great American movements is the physical congregation of people who strive for change. The People’s Climate March in New York City this past Sunday was the largest march for climate justice to date, bringing together more than 400,000 people. When clicktivism, the use of social media for[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: In Protest of Student Activism’s Departure

QUALLEN: In Protest of Student Activism’s Departure

The face of a gleeful student protester graced the cover of the March 13, 1969 issue of The Hoya. A member of the Class of 1972, the student held up a burning issue of this same paper. In a strong demonstration that week in Dahlgren Quad, students distributed Students for[Read More…]

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The Final Word: 2013-2014

In an eventful year for campus life, students made sure their voices were not lost in the university’s decision-making process. From Georgetown’s changing course of action on navigating the 2010 Campus Plan agreement to its responses to sexual assault and nontraditional gender identities on campus, students reacted dynamically and with[Read More…]

Ukrainian activist Yulia Marushevska, who became a symbol of the Euromaidan protests with her appearance in the viral “I Am A Ukrainian” video, spoke Tuesday in ICC Auditorium about her experience and hopes for her country.

Euromaidan Activist Shares Experience

In a simple declaration of feeling and national pride, Yulia Marushevska looks at the camera and declares, “I am a Ukrainian” before explaining why the Ukrainian people finally decided to rise up against their government leadership led by former president Viktor Yanukovych. The two-minute YouTube video clip, published on Feb.[Read More…]

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Two ASB trips collaborated on an ad-hoc border wall to raise awareness of immigration issues Friday in Red Square.

ASB Wall Breaks Borders

The Alternative Spring Break border awareness program aimed to generate discussion on immigration issues after two ASB groups returned from the 1,951-mile Mexican border over spring break by constructing an ad hoc border fence in Red Square 28. The wood and plastic fence, manned by ASB members, was built[Read More…]

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