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MAGGIE CHEN FOR THE HOYA Author Eli Clare (left) suggested a new model for the special education system that better integrates students with disabilities into the classroom at an event Oct. 4.

Author Urges Reform of Special Education System

The special education system contributes to the marginalization of people with disabilities, author Eli Clare said at an event Thursday hosted by the LGBTQ Center in the HFSC Social Room. The event, held in honor of the center’s upcoming 10th anniversary, addressed the intersection of disability, race and transness in[Read More…]

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FAGAN: A Tragedy Sparks a Movement

On Feb. 14, the country was once again horrified by news of another school shooting, this time at a high school in Parkland, Fla. Seventeen dead; 14 injured; thousands traumatized. Since then, Americans have seen fiery activism that has not followed past shootings. This spark came from the survivors of[Read More…]

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Activism and Art: Exhibits to Visit

Activism and Art: Exhibits to Visit

Going up the elevator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Gallery, one cannot help but notice the vibrant, golden art decor that spreads all along the wall — but there is much more to the artwork than beautiful and symmetric patterns. There are security cameras, steel chains, handcuffs and social[Read More…]


Love Saxa Funding, Status Remain Uncertain After Vote Postponed

The fate of student group Love Saxa’s funding and status as a university-recognized club remains uncertain after a meeting of the Student Activities Commission ended without a vote early Tuesday morning. The committee heard the complaint of two students opposed to Love Saxa, who argued that the university should not[Read More…]

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Georgetown University declined to release a list of companies it invests in after a request from Georgetown University Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment, which expressed a desire for increased transparency.

After Victory, Divestment Activists Say University Downplayed Their Role

Student activists who pushed Georgetown University to commit not to invest in private prison companies now say the university is unfairly taking the credit for their activism in an Oct. 5 news release announcing the new policy. The university announced the policy after a committee of the university’s board of[Read More…]

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NAACP CEO Promotes Cooperation in Activism

Joint activism between blacks and Jews is critical to maintain a long-standing relationship, according to National Association for the Advancement of Colored People CEO and President Cornell Brooks at an event hosted by the Georgetown Center for Jewish Civilization on Wednesday.“When we think about this relationship between blacks and Jews,[Read More…]

Students Advocate Progress On and Off Campus

In a year marked by protests in Washington, D.C., following President Donald Trump’s election and his new policies, Georgetown students advocated for progress in areas ranging from workers’ rights to protections for LGBTQ individuals. Workers’ Rights Seventeen members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee staged a 35-hour sit-in at University President[Read More…]

EDITORIAL: Fighting Hate With Vigilance

Since President-elect Donald Trump was elected three weeks ago, the country has seen an uptick of incidents of violence and intimidation toward minority communities. Within 10 days of Trump’s victory, the Southern Poverty Law Center documented 867 hate incidents, more than 300 of which involved perpetrators who explicitly invoked Trump’s[Read More…]

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Sarah Clements

Sarah Clements (COL ’18) began her journey in activism after tragedy hit her hometown of Newtown, Conn., four years ago, transforming her fierce grief into a vitality aimed at bringing about positive change. Her compelling tale begins in the midst of the shock wave caused by the Sandy Hook Elementary[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Rethinking Ocean Conservation

The ocean is a magnificent and fundamental part of our planet. This gigantic body of water covers roughly 75 percent of the Earth’s surface while regulating our climate and providing the oxygen necessary for us to breathe. More than 3.5 billion people depend on the ocean for food, and countless[Read More…]

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