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HEYMANN: For Academic Apathy, Remedy in Discussion

HEYMANN: For Academic Apathy, Remedy in Discussion

I fear apathy. I truly do. Last week, I was walking to White-Gravenor Hall, and in typical springtime fashion, the campus was alive with an abundance of activity. GUGS was out grilling, student grou ps peppered the lawn, music was playing and conversation mingled pleasantly with the warm, damp sky.[Read More…]

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Obliged to Provide Access

When Heather Artinian (COL ’15) reached out to the Academic Resource Center to request a sign language interpreter for a Georgetown University Student Association-sponsored LSAT prep course, she was issued a flat denial. Citing budget restraints and a lack of legal obligation, the ARC denied Artinian’s request, consistent with the[Read More…]

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When Pre-Med Gets Personal

The overambitious pre-medical student is a staple on the Georgetown campus. If you are not one yourself, you certainly know one. Pre-meds, as we are affectionately called, spend long nights laboring over lab experiments and science problem sets in the hope that we will someday receive the coveted golden ticket:[Read More…]

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Living Abroad, Not Studying Abroad

The mechanical half-smile I had determinedly cemented to my face finally cracked and faltered. Slowing to a walk, I tried for what felt like the thousandth time to orient myself among the maddeningly similar, taunting concrete towers. The unfamiliar panic that welled up inside me melted my last shred of[Read More…]

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Outside Classrooms, Engaging the Hilltop

College tour guides have to answer dozens of questions. From “What does the blue light do?” to “Do coeds share bathrooms?”, the questions span from normal to bizarre. While many of the questions are regarding academics, the bulk are certainly concerning extracurricular activities. One of the key assets of the[Read More…]

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Nas’ Appeal to Academia

Yesterday’s conversation between sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson and rapper Nas captured the attention of the student body with a truly dynamic exchange in Gaston Hall. While the thrill of hosting a popular music artist added a new dimension to the traditionally political and academic guests who speak in Gaston,[Read More…]

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Howard’s Historic Roots

Howard University sits on a Hilltop of its own, some 35 blocks north and east of Georgetown. Long emblematic of academic achievement in the black community, Howard has seen recent difficulties attracting a pool of strong undergraduate applicants and funding students’ educations without excessive debt. These trends illustrate that the[Read More…]

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Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

Elaine Ding (SFS ’15) sits in the Cawley Career Center surrounded by her peers, waiting for an information session to start. Similar to other Georgetown juniors, Ding is starting to consider her postgraduate options and has been actively taking advantage of the resources the university offers. Except, unlike most of her peers, Ding[Read More…]

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Ethnic Studies Minor Proposed

A proposed minor in diversity, culture and ethnic studies went before the College Academic Council at the end of October. Although students have previously discussed the option informally, the minor is now supported by the Cura Personalis Initiative, the student-run effort to address diversity issues that presented the preliminary proposal[Read More…]

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A Learning Curve for TAs

A Learning Curve for TAs

For many upperclassmen, serving as a teaching assistant provides a fresh perspective on the classroom. Unlike graduate students, who are often required to be a TA as part of their research or fellowship, undergraduate students choose the position themselves. “I love it actually; it’s like one of my favorite things.[Read More…]

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