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FRAME OF REFERENCE: Developing a Stronger Arts Curriculum

FRAME OF REFERENCE: Developing a Stronger Arts Curriculum

Prior to the 19th century, to study the arts was akin to acquiring a vocation. The novice trained with a master and, over years, evolved from apprentice to journeyman to master in his or her own right. This vocational practice, known as the atelier system, plunged beginners into the practice[Read More…]

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Disability Studies Minor Approved

After about three years of advocacy by the Disability Studies Minor Working Group, Georgetown is set to offer a new minor on disability studies this fall after it was approved by the Georgetown College Executive Council on Monday. With the introduction of the minor, the university is set to join[Read More…]

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Michelle Luberto/The Hoya
The School of Foreign Service is considering altering its core corruciulm in mid-March, according to Associate Dean Daniel Byman.

SFS Plans Academic Restructuring

The School of Foreign Service Dean’s Office is actively considering restructuring the curriculum of the SFS with new course offerings and updated core requirements in the lead-up to its centennial celebration, with initial changes set to be announced in mid-March. Currently, students in the SFS must enroll in a proseminar[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Beating My Second-Year Slump

NGUYEN: Beating My Second-Year Slump

I am the epitome of the sophomore slump. When the year began, I was keen on buckling down hard on academics, knowing that I had left a few extra GPA points left unclaimed last semester. The semester started off better than I expected; my classes were more rigorous than before,[Read More…]

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Common Core Falls Short Without Support

When our D.C. Reads coordinator tries to secure the attention of his tutors and our tutees, he calls out: “Raise the bar!” We all clap twice and respond: “Nallestars!” When I first walked through the doors of John Carroll Nalle Elementary School, I saw dozens of colorful certificates plastered to[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Make Equality A Priority

Last year as a news writer for The Hoya, I covered the New York Times’ first annual ranking of socioeconomic diversity on college campuses. This year, Georgetown plummeted in the rankings from 46 to 88. While reading The Hoya’s coverage of the drop, I noticed the same line touted that[Read More…]

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Care For Mind & Body

Care For Mind & Body

The university has done well in showing its concern for its student-athletes, who know the risks associated with the sports they play. The recent hiring of a full-time club sports physical trainer, as well as the dedicated physical therapy staff for varsity athletes, demonstrates administrators’ resolve to protect their student-athletes.[Read More…]

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2,000 Years of Busyness

2,000 Years of Busyness

Early on in “War and Peace”, the old prince Nikolai Bolkonsky says to his son Andrei, “Only fools and profligates can be unwell, my boy, and you know me: I’m busy from morning till evening, I’m temperate, and so I’m well”. At Georgetown, busyness similarly confers a badge of honor[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rethinking the Dangers of Plagiarism

To the Editor: Just the utterance of the word “plagiarism” can elicit fear in students and professors alike. Most students have come to understand its parameters within an academic setting, but they do not always grasp how it translates to the real world. During a writing seminar that I recently[Read More…]

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Why You Should Rethink Studying Abroad

Why You Should Rethink Studying Abroad

Georgetown makes studying abroad almost effortless. Walk into the office of international programs, attend an info session and fill out an application that certifies you have a pulse and a GPA above 3.0. By making study abroad the default semester-away experience, Georgetown nudges students in this direction. In fact, more[Read More…]

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