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HARVEY: Millenials Here and Abroad

HARVEY: Millenials Here and Abroad

Along with the advent of the spring season and the panic-inducing pre-registration period, this past week has also brought the arrival of my good friend and Villa Le Balze roommate Claudia to campus. While we were at the Villa, Claudia decided to remain abroad for the entire year, enrolling last-minute[Read More…]

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HARVEY: Going Away Or Getting Away?

As classes resume after the spring and Easter breaks, campus has been flooded by tanned, refreshed students. It is almost certain that, while walking across campus, you will overhear a conversation between these individuals that sounds something like this: “Hey! How was [insert tropical-location-where-the-drinking-age-is-18 here].” I myself am one of[Read More…]

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HARVEY: A View of Europe at a Crossroads

During my last semester spent at the Villa Le Balze in Florence, I was fairly sheltered from the crises that have plagued Europe, notably the ongoing refugee crisis that European political leaders have continued to face. In the United States, Donald Trump makes the issue of xenophobia relatable for the[Read More…]

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HARVEY: Beyond Pasta, Italy’s Lessons On Dining

Since moving back to campus for the spring semester, like every other returning study abroad student, I have been asked — in line at Saxbys, sitting in friends’ apartments and on the treadmill at Yates — the well-intended but fairly perfunctory question: “Oh my gosh, how was abroad?” This outburst[Read More…]

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HARVEY: Lessons From My European Adventure

As I prepared to leave home for the spring semester, I caught myself staring at a stack of jumbled postcards from my travels, next to the cooking supplies from Target that I planned to use to make beautiful, Italian meals in my Henle kitchen. I was nursing an espresso that[Read More…]

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