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Ryan Bae, The Hoya

Phantoms, Gracenotes and Chimes Dominate the DC A Cappella Festival’s First Weekend

Georgetown University a cappella groups stunned at the 28th annual D.C. A Cappella Festival, which premiered Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Gaston Hall. The resonant performances of The Georgetown Phantoms and The Georgetown Chimes were the highlights of the evening, while the Capital G’s failed to meet the high[Read More…]

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The Lore of the Georgetown Chimes and ‘Cherry Tree Massacre’

Walking into the Georgetown Chimes’ rehearsal is like stepping into another world. Stifled vocals come from the back room of the house where members of the Chimes gather before rehearsing, while members who are not warming up sit in the front room, bonding and waiting to sing. The Chimes House[Read More…]

All Female, All Empowering, A Cappella

All Female, All Empowering, A Cappella

When I tell people that I am in an a cappella group at Georgetown, their eyes light up. When I explain that I am a member of the Georgetown GraceNotes, an all-female a cappella group, I always get the same follow-up question: “Why?” My friends in coed groups, however, are[Read More…]

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LEE: Music and Memories

LEE: Music and Memories

Music can sneak into your life in unpredictable ways, whether you create music or simply experience it from the sidelines. Songs are often deeply associated with certain moments in our lives, and when one unexpectedly reappears on shuffle on a morning run or plays in the background of a TV[Read More…]

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Students listen to a capella performances on Copley Lawn during Georgetown Day, the annual campus-wide celebration of the end of spring semester.

Georgetown Day Celebrates 15 Years

This year’s Georgetown Day will continue the event’s fifteen-year tradition of celebrating the campus community with a larger variety of events for both students and faculty. Activities today will officially begin at 6 a.m. with the faculty and staff appreciation breakfast in the Copley Formal Lounge. One professor will be[Read More…]

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Student Expression at Arts Week

Student Expression at Arts Week

After the success of its inaugural year in 2014, Georgetown University Arts Week is back. From April 11-18, students will be able to experience a diverse set of events and activities promoting the arts at Georgetown. Arts Week was started as a way to celebrate and promote student art, drawing[Read More…]

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Superfood A Capella Hits High Note

Georgetown Superfood placed second at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella quarterfinals last week, allowing them to move on to the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal on March 28. Superfood member Allie Canal’s (COL ’16) performance of “Say You Love Me” won her the title of Outstanding Soloist. Additionally, Shom Mazumder[Read More…]

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One for the Records

One for the Records

Six years after their last recording, the Phantoms returned to the music scene this summer with a new album, And the Livin’ Is Easy. On And the Livin’ Is Easy, released on iTunes on May 30, listeners will find tracks that showcase the Phantoms’ vocal strengths during their twists on popular hits ranging from Kings[Read More…]

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A Cappela Group Fights For Recognition

Vocal ensembles at Georgetown have a reputation of putting in hard work to showcase their undeniable talent. But the differences among our school’s a cappella groups go beyond the types of music they choose to perform. In the case of one emerging a cappella group, aCHORDance, its identity has been forming[Read More…]

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Pitch Perfect Hits All the Right Notes

Pitch Perfect Hits All the Right Notes

3/5 stars A capella music is one of those trends that I never got into. Granted, a lot of my apathy for singing without music comes from my bitterness about my own inability to sing in any context; I love a good DCAF show — the annual festival held by Georgetown’s Phantoms and Gracenotes— just[Read More…]

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