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Top 10 Albums of 2017

1. BROCKHAMPTON – ‘SATURATION III’ What is most striking about BROCKHAMPTON is not the colorful and varied production that quickly worms its way into listeners’ heads, or the effeminate vocal melodies that often play a central role in tracks such as “BLEACH.” Nor is it that it rocketed out of[Read More…]


Top Photos and Illustrations of 2017


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Artists Take A Stand in 2016-17

Art, as a form of public speech, is inherently political and engages with existing thoughts and ideologies. After a remarkably eventful year in the political and social spheres, art and culture have naturally adopted similar themes. From restaurants to comedy clubs to movie theaters, artists and public figures have been[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: The Year of Ruthless Self-Love

VIEWPOINT: The Year of Ruthless Self-Love

Now that 2017 is finally here, it is important that we sidestep the belief that a mere change in dates on the calendar will make some kind of difference. I will not regurgitate the false statement “2016 was the worst year ever,” but I will definitely admit that I am[Read More…]

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The Art of the Protest

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MESA & BENNETT: Pick Your Players

MESA & BENNETT: Pick Your Players

The new political season in Washington is ushering in a fresh series of legislative battles as the 115th Congress grapples with various issues such as presidential appointment hearings, budget for 2017 fiscal year, healthcare, cybersecurity and tax reform. To track the big players in the legislative game, we decided to[Read More…]

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himalayan academy
Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan (center) was appointed as Georgetown’s first full-time director for Hindu Life in August, when he also became the first ever Hindu priest Chaplain in the United States.

VIEWPOINT: In Remembering Our Ancestors, A Glimmer of Hope

I arrived on the Hilltop last August from the United Kingdom, a country engulfed in a national identity crisis, to another nation gearing up for a political showdown. Yet, instead of preoccupying myself with an uncertain future, my mind wandered to thoughts of the past. The Seers, Yogīs and ascetics[Read More…]

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