Students Under 21 Barred From Hoya’s Thursdays

By Molly Longstreth Hoya Staff Writer

University administrators decided Tuesday to stop admitting those under 21 to Hoya’s bar on Thursday nights and other evenings featuring student-sponsored events, such as student bartending or last night’s karaoke contest. Each student entering Hoya’s on these nights will be required to show a valid Georgetown identification card showing that he or she is 21 or older.

The move was prompted by an April 15 incident where Aaron Polkey (COL ’02) was hit in the face with a thrown beer bottle at Hoya’s. Polkey suffered minor injuries. The ban also resulted from a number of altercations that occurred last Thursday night between underage students who had reportedly been drinking at Hoya’s.

Under the previous rules, anyone 18 years or older could enter Hoya’s, a bar and grill located in Leavey Center that has become a popular Thursday night hangout for many Georgetown students. On busy nights, such as Thursdays, those 21 and older were required to present proper legal identification to obtain a bracelet that allowed them to purchase alcohol. Other nights, students had to show two forms of identification at the bar.

Under the agreement made Tuesday among university administrators, students 21 and older now have to present a valid Georgetown identification card for admission, and no students under 21 will be admitted at all, according to Bethany arlowe, the associate dean of students who attended Tuesday’s meeting.

“Neither the university nor Marriott can afford to violate the law and serve underage students, and because false IDs are so prevalent, the only way to ensure that people are of legal drinking age is to invite people only of legal drinking age into Hoya’s and to require the Georgetown ID, which is very difficult to change,” Marlowe said, adding that there were other altercations that occurred late Thursday night between underage students who said they had been drinking earlier at Hoya’s. She said she could not be more specific “because these are conduct issues” that have not yet been settled.

“This takes care of the underage drinking problem and the overcrowding problem,” Marlowe said, referring to “the droves of people coming in on Thursday nights [who] make it difficult to make sure that underage people aren’t served.”

Due to recent overcrowding inside the bar, Jeannie Quirk, the director of the food and beverage department of the Leavey Center, worked with Marriott to set aside space in the corridor outside of Hoya’s where students could socialize and continue to drink alcoholic beverages. Last Thursday marked the first time the space was set aside for that purpose, and as a result of the altercations that followed, alcoholic beverages will no longer be allowed in the corridor.

According to Director of Student Organizations artha Swanson, who was also at the meeting Tuesday, the hallway outside of the bar will remain open for underage students who still want to socialize. There will be tables, chairs, food, and nonalcoholic drinks available, and students will still be able to hear the music from inside the bar, Swanson said.

Polkey was one of the students in the hallway Thursday night sometime after midnight, when, he said, “I was standing at one of those tables talking to someone, and I didn’t see where it came from or who did it, but a beer bottle just hit me in the face.”

Polkey, who said he has no hard feelings, said that he then went to the bathroom to wash some of the blood from his face.

William Tucker, the director of the Department of Public Safety, who was also present at Tuesday’s meeting, said the incident is still under investigation. The only statement from Tucker was, “All I know at this time is that a person threw some type of bottle; hopefully the investigation will continue.” Though he encouraged anyone who knows anything about the incident to contact DPS, Tucker commented no further on the status of the case.

“I hope students will continue to come to Hoya’s, meet with their friends and socialize,” said Marlowe, “and if they’re under 21, to do it without alcohol.”

Other people at the meeting included Jeannie Quirk, the director of the food and beverage department of the Leavey center, Mary Kay Schneider, the director of Student Programs, Marta Perez Drake, the assistant director of Student Affairs, Judy Johnson, the director of student conduct and off-campus affairs, Jeanne Lord, the assistant director of Student Conduct and Off-Campus Affairs, and GUSA President-Elect Ron Palmese (MSB ’00).

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