To the Editor:

Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson recently announced key changes to Georgetown’s Speech and Expression Policy. Among these changes are the additions of Alumni Square, Harbin Patio, the Healey Family Student Center patio, the Lau walkway and Regents Lawn to the list of areas where tabling is permitted as well as the clarification of policies regarding protests in an attempt to avoid arbitrary enforcement by campus police in the future. I am thrilled by these substantive changes and by the administration’s responsiveness to the needs of its students.

Yet a loud-voiced minority is unhappy. It appears no compromise will satisfy them; rather, they want all or nothing. They must continue to fight “The Man” until every one of their requests is granted. I, for one, am annoyed. I am annoyed that a louder minority may overrule the silent majority. I truly believe, from personal conversations with other students, that the overwhelming majority of students do not want Healy Circle and the surrounding sidewalks to be polluted by tabling student groups. There are very logical aesthetic and safety reasons for this, and yet the vocal minority accuses anyone who is against them of hating free speech.

I applaud the administration for its flexibility, but I beg it to know where to stop. The student body is happy with the expansion of free speech, but do not let the loud minority push free speech into the realm of unfettered and chaotic freedom. Some restrictions on speech are logical, especially the restrictions on Healy Circle. The loud minority should learn to accept compromises rather than continually complaining.

Alexander Zajac

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