The first of several university-led forums for students to share their concerns about university services will kick off in Sellinger Lounge Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Chief Operating Officer Christopher Augostini will lead the forums as one of his first major acts in his new role. He proposed the forums as a way to gather greater student input on problems in the areas that he oversees, including auxiliary services, student housing, facilities and University Information Services, as well as the Department of Public Safety, which is overseen by Erik Smulson, vice president for public affairs.

“The goal is for there to be constant communication,” Augostini said.

The forums, which will be called Hoya Roundtables, will allow students to ask questions and discuss their experiences with Augostini and representatives from the various offices he manages.

Augostini felt that he wanted to get a greater sense of student concerns after moving from his old position as chief financial officer to his current spot over the summer.

After meeting with about 100 students over the summer, including leaders of many campus organizations, Augostini said that a few issues stood out to him. Many students expressed frustration over the way that work requests are handled through student housing. Others had suggestions about how to improve technology on campus.

In early September, Augostini and his team decided to hold open forums in order to get a wider range of responses. Along with the discussion slated for Wednesday, the university has developed an online survey for students to pick the issues that matter most to them and submit questions and comments.

Augostini said that if enough students raise the same issues, he hopes to find ways to work with the departments involved to make a change, or at least report back to students on their attempts.

“To the extent that we can’t do something, we have a responsibility to tell you why,” he said.

Augostini said he hopes to hold such discussions at regular intervals but added that the format may change depending on the results of the first few.

While Augostini acknowledged that many university services are not what draw students to Georgetown, he said he wants to emphasize a culture of service that will help support students and staff in their daily lives.

“We’re here to serve students and the administration,” he said.

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