Students opposed to the student group Love Saxa plan to present a petition to the Student Activities Commission on Monday, demanding the advisory board strip the group of its funding and no longer grant it access to campus facility benefits on grounds that it holds intolerant and hateful beliefs.

Love Saxa, a group that advocates for marriage between a man and a woman, returned as an active student group this year, after spending a year in restoration, the process by which a group recovers its access to benefits.

Jasmin Ouseph (SFS ’19) submitted a formal notice to Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Erika Cohen Derr on Sept. 25, arguing Love Saxa’s definition of marriage and relationships violates the Division of Student Affairs’ Student Organization Standards, which disavows groups that foster hatred or intolerance.

FACEBOOK Love Saxa faced protests in 2013 led by the LGBTQ community, which accused the group of promoting homophobic speakers.



The standards state: “Groups will not be eligible for access to benefits if their purpose or activities … foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion, or sexual preferences.”

GU Pride President Chad Gasman (COL ’20) and David Friedman (COL ’20), president of Georgetown University Queer People of Color, joined Ouseph in her complaint.

According to Love Saxa’s constitution, the group promotes marriage as a “monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman” and opposes hookup culture and pornography.

Love Saxa receives $250 allocated through SAC. The advisory board oversees over 130 student groups and allocates $330,000 each year from the university’s $1 million Student Activities Fee.

SAC Chair Ricardo Mondolfi (SFS ’19) said SAC has a range of sanctions available.

“I have no idea what the commission is going to decide but there is a full range of options available from nothing to suspension of access to benefits,” Mondolfi said.

Gasman said Love Saxa’s emphasis on the primacy of heterosexual marriage denies the validity of queer relationships.

“When they deny certain individuals who are queer access to this ideal standard of a relationship, they immediately say that all queer relationships are not as valid as heterosexual relationships,” Gasman said. “They also specifically call homosexuality and any non-heterosexual view a distorted view of human sexuality which is directly homophobic.”

Love Saxa President Amelia Irvine (COL ’19) said Love Saxa is committed to Georgetown’s mission and Catholic teaching.

“We have never advocated for violence toward any individual or group, not have we ever targeted any individual or group,” Irvine wrote in an email to The Hoya.

Gasman said the request to defund Love Saxa returned following a viewpoint in The Hoya written by Irvine (“Confessions of a College Virgin,” The Hoya, Sept. 8, 2017, A3). Love Saxa has had a contentious relationship with queer student groups on campus since protests in 2013 led by then-GU Pride President Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15). Love Saxa took a year hiatus in spring 2016 after members did not submit a budget.

“‘Confessions of a College Virgin’ seemed to be a good article about the problems of hookup culture and the idea of abstinence in college, which I don’t think is objectionable at all,” Gasman said. “It’s fine if you want to remain abstinent in college, but at the same time she decided to use that article as a platform to espouse her homophobic ideology, which wasn’t relevant at all to the idea.”

In the opinion piece, Irvine defended Love Saxa’s exclusionary definition of marriage.

“Marriage is a conjugal union on every level — emotional, spiritual, physical and mental — directed toward caring for biological children,” Irvine wrote. “To us, marriage is much more than commitment of love between two consenting adults.”

Mondolfi said the hearing on Monday will consist of the individuals who petitioned against Love Saxa presenting to the commission for 5 to 10 minutes and then answering questions, followed by Love Saxa representatives, who will do the same. SAC commissioners will then determine whether Love Saxa is violating a specific rule in the Student Organization Standards. Love Saxa can then appeal the decision.

Mondolfi said that if the hearing results in sanctions for Love Saxa, they will be tailored specifically to the complaint that has been put forward, as SAC has done with other student groups.

“SAC’s role is usually to act in ways that will correct the specific violation. For example, we had a club earlier this year that partnered with a non-Georgetown organization and gave them money in ways they shouldn’t have. We could’ve sanctioned them in any way — and what we said is ‘you can’t partner with other organizations’ —  the sanction was very specific,” Mondolfi said.

Irvine said the students should not shut down dissenting world views.

“At a university, the free exchange of ideas should be celebrated, not squashed,” Irvine wrote.

According to Gasman, even though Georgetown is a Catholic university and some Catholics do not condone same-sex marriage, Jesuit principles advocate acceptance of all individuals.

“We’re calling on the university to follow Jesuit principles and follow its own policies for student conduct and not allow hateful groups on campus that foster an unwelcome and hateful environment for queer students because, at the very least, if they can’t stamp out homophobia and actually commit themselves to queer people, they can make sure they are not funding homophobia, which is what they’re doing by funding Love Saxa,” Gasman said.


  1. Love Saxa promotes the beliefs of many and should not be dismissed! Their beliefs are just as important and need to be protected with the same fervor as others’. You cannot honor one group by taking away from another. That only furthers divisiveness and intolerance among us. Marriage between a man and a woman should not be diminished because others may disagree. When will all people begin to stand together and support one another?!

  2. Basically a bunch of students that dont like Catholic teachings decided to attend a Catholic school and then got upset there is an organization that actually follows Catholic teachings. Good Lord the quality of a diploma from this school falls further everyday.

    • When you set up shop in Sodom, it’s one of the risks you take. Sometimes you convert the heathen, and sometimes the heathen converts you.

  3. Jeff Townsend says:

    “Love Saxa receives $250 allocated through SAC.”

    Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, this seems to be about making a point.

  4. George Ashur says:

    I can’t help but wonder who is being intolerant here — those who hold a contrary view, or those who insist that there can be only one view, and you must comply or we will shut you down.

  5. The petition is asking for the university to follow it’s Jesuit values, not it’s Catholic ones. I wish I could say this was a logical error, but based on the university’s actions in the past, it seems very possible for this to be the case

  6. I am not a grad or affiliated with Georgetown but this ridiculous assault on this pro traditional marriage is embarrassing for an institution of the gravitas of Georgetown. Rise above the PC world of everything must be non offensive to anyone. Please. Be a leader not a follower. Be a true institution of curiosity and exploration not a lemming like the rest of our colleges. Unless of course that will affect your federal funding…

  7. Where are those Georgetown Academy guys when you need them?

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  10. John Machir '71 says:

    You are 100% correct. While I believe that anyone should be able to marry whomever they want regardless of their sex. I also acknowledge
    that many people disagree. Because they disagree does not make them hateful or raciest. They are entitled to there beliefs. The is the problem with our PC world. Why should the LGBT Community get to set standards. They have no more right to decided what’s right or wrong than Love Saxa

  11. I am amazed these protesting students do not recognize the absurdity of their position. By stating their opposition to Love Saxa’s definition of marriage and relationships they are guilty of “fostering hatred and intolerance” toward Love Saxa’s “sexual preferences”. As I read it that makes them guilty using the same absurd logic. What an idiotic drama for a supposed Catholic institution.

    • Maximus300

      I imagine that these protesting students fully recognize the logical absurdity of their position and are taking this action precisely in an attempt to dictate to others what can (and cannot) be said, done, or even thought. The veneer of inclusion and tolerance is simply that; don’t let it fool you.

  12. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Hold fast to the truth and do not be discouraged. The notion that it is hateful to keep the faith and promote repentance instead of indulgence for all our sins is laughable. The administration would do well to reflect on Saint Paul’s second letter to Timothy.

    “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

  13. The views of Love Saxa are consistent with the views of Pope Francis. Does Ouseph believe that Francis is fostering hatred? Does the Hoya believe that the first Jesuit pope is refusing to follow Jesuit values?

  14. This is utterly ridiculous, perhaps one of the most illiberal things that has ever happened at Georgetown, along with the Lecture Fund’s inviting Cecile Richards to speak without even taking seriously its commitment to “fostering dialogue between differing viewpoints.”

    The actions taken against Love Saxa make it manifestly clear that the perpetrators are diametrically opposed to the very foundations of liberal education. They betray an utter unwillingness to even understand the motivations of the other side, and therefore resort to calling them a hate group. Seriously? Do you really think that anyone and everyone who has ever believed that marriage is between one man and one woman-basically every philosopher before the 1970s- is motivated by hatred?

    Proponents of traditional marriage oppose same-sex marriage not because they hate gays or want to deny them human dignity; they do so because they think marriage is not merely a social construct, but a reality based in the order of nature which cannot be redefined, cf. Robert P. George et al., What is Marriage?

    LoveSaxa is not even asking people to accept its view on marriage. It simply asks for its own right to exist and promote this view, which anyone capable of understanding an argument should recognize as not based on hatred. One can recognize as legitimate/well-intentioned the reasons for one’s believing something without necessarily endorsing a given proposition.

  15. Anti-Catholic bigotry is nothing new. It’s just never been so bold and publicly acceptable

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  18. Dr Julio Banderas says:

    “Fascist…no tolerance for opposing views…”

    Therefore, LGBT = Fascist!

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  25. Althea Gardner says:

    I am sickened by the lack of tolerance from students at a Catholic university. When you enrolled in a Catholic institution, did you not know the beliefs the school was founded on? Why not enroll in a public liberal school? Or an institution of higher learning with beliefs more compatible to your own? People enroll in Georgetown for it’s prestigious reputation and it’s background of providing quality education. As a devout Catholic, I am tired of Catholic bashing. I am sick of hearing how my morals are archaic and unreasonable. I try to be tolerant of all and lead by example. I think Love Saxa is trying to do just this. Why should they be ridiculed and labeled as a hate group for showing the truth as taught by the Bible. This young woman has more tolerance and moral conviction than most people twice her age. Would BYU change their policies? What about other faith based schools? I applaud Love Saxa and Amelia for standing up for Catholic values. I am sure they can find $250 from a different source.

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  27. The intolerant and radical LGBTQ students moving forward with this complaint (because to be clear not all LGBTQ people are intolerant or radical but these students are) will likely find an accommodating ear with SAC. This is the state of many Catholic institutions of higher learning today. Any view that is anti-Catholic is embraced as “loving and welcoming” while sound Catholic doctrine is held up as “hateful and ignorant”.

    The problem starts with administrations that happily put the school’s Catholic identity on the back burner to avoid confronting our popular, secular culture.

    It is completely unacceptable that the school even consider banning a group that promotes traditional values.

    A social, sexual radical that attends Georgetown does so for 1 of 2 reasons: 1) to incite a scandal they can leverage for their cause or 2) they don’t associate Georgetown with Catholicism because the University does not put it front and center. Either one is a problem.

    Personally I think Georgetown should differentiate itself from the pack by proclaiming sound Catholic doctrine and EVANGELIZING which is the main purpose of a Catholic institution of higher learning. Otherwise it should abandon its Catholic identity because it is not authentic. Even if the school doesn’t go this far it certainly should discourage or ban groups that promote Church teaching.

  28. Georgetown Students – How crazy has the liberal movement gotten? Georgetown is a catholic institution. Our religion is build on the basis of matrimony. Matrimony by definition is based on “One Man, One Women” having natural relations to create life. You bozo’s don’t get it. Keep pushing your silly agenda on traditional catholic based values and watch the your liberal agenda get pealed back to where is was 10 years ago. I don’t agree in bigotry, I don’t believe in persecution of anyone who believes differently that I do. But I will defend my religion and the foundation that supports our beliefs. You want to flag a group that simply represents what is core to our beliefs and call them a hate group? Keep it up and you will lose. I guarantee it.

  29. William Meeks says:

    It would seem to me that Love Saxa is simply advertising their sorority as people with a specific belief in search of like minded individuals. The LGBT sorority does the same thing. In the Constitution people have a right to voice their opinion & live under their beliefs, they do not have a right to enforce it on others, or silence them simply because they choose to live or think differently. The LGBT community is attacking Love Saxa based off a perceived threat that in fact only happens when they attempt to enforce voiced acceptance of LGBT when none is warranted & only when those beliefs are different from theirs. If love Saxa Is to be punished then the LGBT group should be punished equally due to the same difference in opinion. If anything the author of this article should be punished for choosing sides & exacting a public chastisement without due process. Opinions are not one size fits all, especially if your not going to respect both sides until it’s time to render a verdict.

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  44. Phillip Rose says:

    Georgetown has been a Catholic University in name only for some time. Georgetown is no more Catholic than Madeline Murray o’Hare was a Christian. They proved that when they covered the crucifixes on campus during an Obama visit so as to not offend anyone? That in itself is offensive to Catholics. Secular school and an ultra leftist one at that.

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