Two Georgetown juniors were arrested on suspicion of burglary charges after they allegedly broke into and trashed an N Street townhouse on March 11.

Prosecutors dropped charges against Ryan Still (COL ’07) and Garrett Wilson (COL ’07) last week. Channing Phillips, a spokesman in the U.S. Attorney’s office, declined to discuss why charges were dropped, although he said prosecutors reserved the right to file them in the future.

According to police accounts, Wilson, Still and a third suspect kicked and pushed down Thomas Byrnes’ (MSB ’07) townhouse door on the 3600 block of N Street before they broke a basement window and “pulled down . wall banners, threw bicycles around the living room area and sprayed mustard on the . couch.”

A Metropolitan Police Department incident report listed damage to the door, basement window and couch at $175.

Phillips said he didn’t know why the U.S. Attorney’s Office had only Still and Wilson’s arrests recorded when the incident report mentioned a third suspect.

Still and Wilson, both of whom are members of the men’s lacrosse team, declined to comment on the incident yesterday although Wilson said that “there was more to the story.”

“The case is over at this point, charges have been dropped, and after everything I went through last week, it’s just frustrating to have this come out,” he said.

Byrnes, a member of the varsity lightweight crew team, did not return phone messages seeking comment.

University Athletic Department spokesman Mex Carey declined to discuss whether the department would punish any of the athletes, citing privacy laws.

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