Jackson Headshot_SketchDo you find yourself constantly bored? Are you tired of spending your time watching movies or sub-par TV shows? Well, get yourself a hobby!

In all seriousness, for the average student, summer can be challenging due to the amount of free time he or she has. During the school year there is almost no such thing as free time for a lot of Georgetown students due to their time spent studying, pretending to study, participating in clubs, working, and pretending to study.

What have you forgotten that you love? Or what do you wish you had time to learn to? Gaining a hobby is beneficial for many reasons, one being an escape or outlet. There is nothing better than sitting down and doing something that truly makes you happy after a long day of class or studying. While you may believe Netflix makes you happy, it is a temporary enjoyment. After a couple of hours it will leave you wanting more — not satisfied.

This summer with your infinite amount of time, figure out what you truly like to do. If you already have a hobby, it is never too late to gain another one or put more time into the one you already have. There are many practical hobbies that one can pick up over the summer and apply in a positive way during the school year. It is important to have time to practice a new hobby since although hobbies are a good outlet, they can sometimes become frustrating.

During high school I decided that I wanted to start painting. I had taken a lot of different art classes during the summers of my childhood so I figured it would be easy to relearn. The first picture I made literally looked like something from a 5-year-old finger-painter. I remember being so angry.

I was looking at a pattern online that I thought I could easily. However, like anything else, hobbies take time. After working at it for a couple of weeks I became much better. I could look at my finished product and genuinely say that I was proud of what I had made — that’s how a hobby should make you feel. Even though others might see a big mash-up of colors when they look at my painting, I see what I imagined when I put my brush to the canvas.

I believe that having hobbies are essential to being happy because it makes one feel productive — like one is achieving something (happiness, peace, becoming an artist, etc.). Hobbies are also perfect for people who are very goal-oriented. Moreover, everyone knows that the people who seem like they have their lives together are the people who have hobbies. Why don’t you become one of those people? (Warning: whether you truly have your life together is up to you.)

In my opinion, the easiest and most accessible hobbies are drawing, cooking, baking, painting, knitting, writing/blogging, gardening, dancing, yoga, coloring, listening to podcasts and meditation. Getting started doesn’t have to be hard; YouTube it then go forth and hobby on!


Santana Jackson is a rising junior in the College. Steps To Recovery appears every other Thursday.

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