The Student Group Union, a collection of over 75 student groups organized to better coordinate such clubs, announced the members of its first Executive Board Thursday.

The board is comprised of representatives of the 11 categories of student organizations determined by the union’s Steering Committee. Its inaugural members are Emily Coccia (COL ’15) for Media,Aman Shahi (COL ’13) for Performing Arts, Kyle Zhu (SFS ’14) for Volunteering, Melissa Goodall (SFS’14) for Advocacy, Caleb Reed (MSB ’13) for Cultural, Jake Sticka (COL ’13) for Political, GabrielPincus (SFS ’14) for Common Interest, Mary Pat Boyle (COL ’14) for Sports, Amanda Wynter (COL ’14) for Student Government, Kevin Sullivan (SFS ’14) for Religious and Colleen Wood (SFS ’14) for Non-Advisory Board.

The SGU Steering Committee will transition authority and a chair of the board will be elected this coming week. The Executive Committee will continue to hold meetings that will be open to the public every 15 days.

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