Georgetown’ Contraception Control

Students explain their frustrations about the inability to buy contraception on campus and discuss the implications on their sex lives.

Confronting Double Standards of Sexuality

What makes a girl a “slut” and a guy a “player”? Why is the girl labelled a “bitch,” when the guy is “simply aggressive”?

Trust and Sexual Expression Tied Together

One student explains why an experimentation with sexual bondage was a healthy element of her relationship.

When Power and Pleasure Don’t Mix

“I was someone who had a traditional notion of a relationship built on affection and trust, but she was interested in something very different. She absolutely loathed my affection and instead what she wanted from me was much more straightforward: to control me.”

Institutionalized Hookups

College is one of the only times when students will be completely surrounded by people of the same age and interests. This ease of accessibility and connection has created an environment where casual hookups and romantic relationships are all but certain.

Talking About Sex and Breaking Stereotypes

As more women embrace their sexuality (in whatever way, shape or form they want) they find at their fingertips a world of resources. Yet, these resources are not enough if we can’t share our own wisdom with others and receive guidance in return.

The Self that Lives Between the Sheets

“College is about figuring out what makes you tick, what you like, what you love and what you want to do with your life. Why should that stop at the bedroom door?”

Casual Sex That Never Fully Satisfies

“For a moment in the darkness, a few hours prior, I felt connected to another individual, but for some reason, in that classic walk back to my own place, I could not help feeling empty and emotionless.”

The Fear of Leaving Your Heart Unzipped

“Since the start of my freshman year a few months ago, I’ve slept with 15 different guys, and not once was the idea posited by either party that it might lead to something more serious. I don’t say that waiting to receive a high-five for the number of notches on my bedpost — I’m gay, not in SAE.”

Social Media Dating Apps Move From Niche to Norm

From JSwipe to Tinder, how social media dating apps went from being an embarrassing secret hidden on our phones to a frequently used social tool.


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  1. Alumni Survivor says:

    I hope The Hoya’s Sex Issue covers the yes means yes movement and legislature, the fact that only 8% of college presidents view rape as a common problem on their campuses, and the obvious failure to educate men that womyn are human beings with sexual wants, needs and preferences. Just because we don’t have official frats doesn’t mean we don’t have legitimate rape. The tides are turning due to the courageous and often demonized anti-rape activism that students, not the schools nor the public safety officers, have to fight for on the campus that they are told is their new home.

    As an alum and survivor, I hope that you include some coverage explaining that women are human, survivors are heroines, and sexual intercourse is just that – a conversation and expression of mutual attraction and engagement.

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