STX Entertainment | “Second Act” starring Jennifer Lopez, left, is witty and charming with enough plot twists to keep the audience invested, proving perfect for the holiday season.


Helmed by the incredible Jennifer Lopez, “Second Act” charms audiences with an inviting plot perfect for this holiday season. Director Peter Segal returns with the new comedy about Lopez’s Maya, a big-box store worker in New York who manages to reinvent her life and get hired by one of the finest companies in the city. “Second Act” captivates its viewers with its solidly written screenplay, which is filled with hilarious moments and unexpected surprises that will leave audiences laughing and touched.

At the beginning of the movie, Maya is passed over for a promotion despite years of outstanding work because her competitor has better academic credentials than her. Feeling depressed, her best friend Joan, played by Leah Remini, steps in, getting her tech-genius stepson Dilly, played by Dalton Harrod, to fabricate Maya’s entire educational and professional background. With her brand-new identity, Maya attempts to embark on a new career as a consultant at Franklin & Clarke, one of the most prestigious companies in New York. To Maya’s surprise, she will discover that her time at the company will lead to one of the most challenging, yet emotionally moving, experiences of her life.

Humorous lines and witty banter permeate nearly every scene, leaving the audience laughing throughout the entire film. The sense of lightness created by the insatiable humor turns what could have been a heart-wrenching and emotional narrative into an enjoyable comedy. Moreover, this ever-present humor is not just limited to Maya’s group of friends but comes through with nearly every character in the film when appropriate. This technique amplifies the enjoyment of every scene and utilizes each character to their fullest potential.

The film will also pleasantly surprise viewers through great use of a few effective twists that elevate what could have been a predictable plot. On the surface, “Second Act” may seem like a predictable story of a woman reinventing her life, but screenwriters Justin Zackham and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas make sure to prevent the film from being just that. By adding these powerful plot twists, Zackham and Goldsmith-Thomas successfully elevate the film from being not only just a humorous narrative of Maya’s story, but also a carefully crafted tale of surely the most unforgettable, touching and difficult experience of her lifetime.

Finally, the film also impresses by portraying Maya’s path to success not only through humor and comedy, but also through the beautifully written support and love that she receives from her friends throughout the film. On the one hand, Joan, who is at the center of the film’s comedy, proves to be Maya’s most supportive companion even during her hardest and most difficult of times. Meanwhile, Maya’s colleagues Ariana and Chase, played by Charlyne Yi and Alan Aisenberg, stay at Maya’s side even when everyone else at her company is doubtful of her professional abilities as a consultant and businesswoman. The warm and affectionate atmosphere created by these supporting characters makes “Second Act” a moving theater-going experience for the audience to enjoy, perfect for the holiday season.

“Second Act” is a humorous, yet touching, film that will leave viewers moved by countless hilarious and witty scenes and an enriching plot, thanks to its solidly written screenplay.

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