The three proposals for spending the $3.4 million allocated by the Student Activities Fee Endowment reform each reached their 2,000 vote threshold on the first day of a three-day referendum.

Though all three proposals obtained the 2,000-vote minimum required to consider the election legitimate, each proposal must receive a majority of the total votes cast by Thursday in order to pass. Election commissioners have not yet released how many of the votes counted have been in favor of the proposals.

The vote minimum is a bylaw of the Georgetown University Student Association constitution, which requires at least one-fifth of students to vote on a referendum for it to pass. In Sunday’s GUSA executive meeting, senior counselor Sam Ungar (COL ’12) said that the vote minimum gives more legitimacy to student referendums.

The New South Student Center proposal, which adds $2.04 million to the student center renovation project, reached the threshold at approximately 5:45 pm. The $1.25 million Social Innovation and Public Service Fund proposal had obtained 2,000 votes by 6:30, and Georgetown Energy’s proposed $250,000 allocation to install solar panels on about 43 university townhouses had reached the vote minimum at 8 pm.

Election Commission Officer Adam Giansiracusa (SFS ’12) wrote in an email that the final results will be published on Friday.

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