ReImagine Georgetown awarded grants to three proposals Monday. The annual competition funds projects aiming to improve the undergraduate experience.

Melissa Riggio (COL ’14) and Antony Lopez (COL ’14) were given $1,000 to implement “IlluminateLauinger.” Both students work in the Gelardin New Media Center and intend to use their grant to purchase art-friendly technology for the library.

The pair also proposed hanging student artwork in Lauinger Library’s hallways and study spaces to improve the building’s atmosphere.

“The second half of our agenda was to bring more artistic flavor to [Lauinger] to make it more enjoyable to work in,” Riggio said.

Sam Schneider (COL ’13), a member of The Hoya’s Board of Directors, and Emily Oehlsen (SFS ’13) won a $7,000 grant for “The Georgetown Conversation,” an online forum that will allow members of the community to post video lectures on various topics of expertise or interest. Already under development, the forum is designed to increase intellectual exchange and foster discussion among faculty, students and staff.

Christina Crisostomo (SFS ’13) received a $2,000 award for her proposed series of student-led workshops.

“Through these workshops, students can learn from each other in a fun, pressure-free environment, try new things and meet new people,” Crisostomo said. “I really think the goals of my venture align with the goals of the grant. We’re starting an initiative driven by students, for students and simply trying to make Georgetown an even better place to go to school.”

Every year, grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 are awarded to students, faculty or staff who submit proposals to improve the Georgetown experience for undergraduates.

The grant is sponsored by The Hoya, The Corp and the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union.

This year’s selection committee, which received over 20 applications, consisted of six representatives — two each from The Hoya, The Corp and GUAFSCU.

“We reviewed a lot of really excellent proposals, but the proposals that were ultimately chosen had really unique visions,” said Jack Glascott (COL ’12), GUASFCU’s chief human resources officer and a member of the selection committee.

According to William Cousino (COL ’12), chair of The Corp’s service and outreach committee, the selection process focused on ingenuity, feasibility and the ability to provide the greatest impact on the student population.

“I think what I like most about ReImagine Georgetown is the forum that is created by the partnership between the credit union, The Corp and The Hoya to encourage students to churn out ideas that improve student life,” he said.

Correction: The article incorrectly stated that the workshops spearheaded by Christina Crisostomo(SFS ’13) would be led online. They will be led on campus.

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