Three students were arrested at Rhino Bar and Pumphouse for misrepresentation of age to enter an Alcohol Beverage Commission establishment shortly after midnight Sunday.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department’s incident report, the three students — two females, 18 and 20, and one male, 18 — were arrested by MPD Detectives Scott Emmons and David Carter when they presented fake identification to the door staff outside the bar.

The two detectives were stationed at the door with the bouncers to assist in identifying fake IDs, as part of an MPD program called Cops in Shops.

Rhino manager George Kennedy said that the incident was not unusual.

“It happens all the time. [The D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration] comes by, and someone presents a fake ID at the door, and they don’t get in, they arrest them,” Kennedy said.

According to Kennedy, ABRA sends MPD officers to establishments randomly.

“This happens all the time, all over the city,” he said. “Standard operating procedure for ABRA for 70 years.”

This is not Rhino’s first encounter with underage students attempting to enter. Over the summer, ABRA suspended the bar’s liquor license for five days, from July 8 to July 12, and fined Rhino $3,000 after the bar allegedly served alcohol to an underage student in February 2013.

Carter was the MPD officer stationed at the door with the door staff during the February incident as well.

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  1. “This is not Rhino’s first encounter with underage students attempting to enter.”

    No kidding.

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