People seemed to be complaining a lot about the fact that there was a torrential downpour in between Miguel’s and Drake’s performances at the Landmark Music Festival on the National Mall last week.

First, you should probably accept that it’s going to rain at a festival in the fall, no matter how abnormal the weather has been in your given location. Second, most of us were already crying/sweating given Miguel’s revolutionary performance. Admit it: The rain really made no difference at all.

Miguel’s tight red leather pants were clearly the cause of our bodily fluids. Pouring his melodic tunes into a microphone adorned with white leather fringes, Miguel pulled on his hits a little longer than expected to do some buttery falsetto moans and groans.

Perhaps those buttery falsettos took a toll, though, because Miguel spent the majority of the second half of his set speaking instead of singing. The first time Miguel asked the crowd “what’s normal anyway?” We replied with bursts of “anything!” and “there is no definition of normal!” By the seventh time, though, we were onto “this question is getting normal, let’s move on.” Sadly, his rendition of his legendary hit “Coffee” was also a bit slow and spiceless. In fact, the crowd could have probably used some coffee after that song.

The Washington Post points out that Pope Francis left a little too soon. Too soon to witness Drake, “who could elicit similar adoration from scores of devoted followers.” This says enough.

After Miguel’s stuffed stage, Drake’s empty platform was pale in comparison. At first the premise that he was standing alone simply reiterated his “holiness,” but as the pyrotechnics, smoke and flashing lights began to work their magic Drake didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Given the constant comparisons between Toronto and Washington, D.C., there was probably no one in the crowd who had loved Drake more than at that moment. Except if you were actually from Toronto.

We all know that Drake has had about a million number-one hits. But to actually acknowledge this fact is a bit more difficult. When you’re rocking out to “Trophies” and he has to rush through the chorus to squeeze in “We Made It,” it’s definitely not ideal. It’s disappointing, actually. The majority of Drake’s songs felt short and rushed, as if the rapper had a checklist of songs that festival coordinators had supplied him with.

But let’s talk about some other things that made us sweat. And I mean negatively sweat this time. Anyone else intensely frustrated by the fact that there was no cell service at all throughout the entire National Mall? With no way to contact one’s friends, and more importantly, no ability to Snapchat update one’s social media network with zoomed videos of Miguel’s pelvic thrusts, it was a disaster. Also, what was up with the crazy food lines? It felt like we were back in the Great Depression.

We really were the lab rats for this year’s Landmark Music Festival. Here’s to hoping the experiment turns out a little better next year.

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