GOLDENSCISSORS.COM RAC’s surprising covers put an enjoyable twist on chart-toppers.
RAC’s surprising covers put an enjoyable twist on chart-toppers.

Who is RAC? I was offered a ticket to see them and find out, so why would I turn down a free concert?

In retrospect, I’m definitely glad I didn’t.

Remix Artist Collective is a band based out of Portland, Ore. Its strategy is to take songs by other artists — both chart toppers and lesser-known tracks — and dub its own style of music over the lyrics. Currently, RAC’s hits include interpretations of “Let Go,” “I Wanna Get Better” and “Cheap Sunglasses.” Its unique sound comes from its indie roots and keeps the music very light. The songs I heard were the type that you can play continuously during summertime festivities.

In the weeks leading up to this concert at the 9:30 Club, I did my RAC homework and — for the first time ever — I loved doing homework.

The concert was on a Thursday night, and Thursday nights at 9:30 Club tend to draw excessive crowds who are excited to see the great bands and performers. My two friends and I met up at the venue early, beating the masses and getting a glimpse of who was opening.

The starting act was a band called Prides, hailing from across the pond in Glasgow, Scotland. The synthpop band, which is made up of three members — Stewart Brock, Callum Wiseman and Lewis Gardner — nearly stole the show right from the start. They played with an energy that filled the room and prompted me to wake up the next day and immediately download all of their music.

Their instruments include the electric piano, guitar and drums. They have a sound that really pops, grabs your attention and fills the room with a strong bass drum and an even stronger electric piano. Although I was impressed by how well Prides performed, I was not ready for RAC to blow the roof off the building a few minutes later.

As I grabbed my beer at intermission and walked back to our prime location a few rows back, I noticed that everyone was sporting that new trendy European haircut and skinny jeans. If you had dropped a bomb on the 9:30 Club that night, you could have wiped out the entire population of hipsters in Washington, D.C. But, hey, I’m not judging — they clearly have great taste in music.

As soon as I found my group, RAC took the stage and a roar emitted from the crowd. The song “Let Go” filled the amplifiers and I was immersed in unreal music for the next hour and a half. Two Door Cinema Club’s “Something Good Can Work” came on next — with an RAC spin, obviously — and my jaw dropped.

After, they played “Houdini” by Foster the People, and no offense to them, but I think the RAC version added something special to the tune.

The night was one of the best I have spent at 9:30 Club because the vibe was amazing, upbeat and unique because of the style of music and because of the crowd. The crowd was there not to continuously smash into each other like people do at some ridiculous rave, but to have a good time and enjoy the company of each other and the band.

RAC is currently wrapping up its tour over the next few months, but if the band ever comes back to D.C., I will be the first to enthusiastically alert the entire student body.

Event Rating: A
Songs to listen to: “Let Go,” “I Wanna Get Better,” “Houdini”Bryson Greene is a senior in the College. The Beat appears every other Friday in the guide.

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