Firefighters responded to a laundry fire in Henle Village on Tuesday evening.

Firefighters responded to a laundry fire in the Henle Village apartment complex Tuesday evening caused by plastic left in a dryer.

Henle residents were evacuated around 7:03 p.m., while at least four fire units arrived on the scene. Residents were allowed to return to their apartments by 7:30 p.m. after the fire was extinguished.

There were no injuries, and no major structural damage occurred to the building as a result of the fire, according to Washington, D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services. One dryer was left out of commission and a window was shattered by firefighters for ventilation and access to the ground-floor laundry room.

Students were asked not to use the laundry room for the remainder of the evening while Facilities Management workers cleaned up the broken glass and repaired the broken window.

The laundry room, located in the J tower of the Henle complex, serves all Henle residents and shares a space with the Henle community room. No student spaces were damaged in the fire, according to an email sent to Henle residents by the Office of Residential Living on Tuesday night.

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