While a food store will be returning to 1211 Potomac St., it will not be the Philly Pizza & Grill remembered by students. Rather, the new establishment will be a prepared food store that will close much earlier than its predecessor and is not permitted to sell pizza, among other regulations imposed by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs..

“Philly Pizza is not reopening,” Mehmet Kocak, owner of the property, told The Hoya. “The new store is called Go Fresh. Everything is new. It’s a new concept under new management.”

After his business was forced to shut down by the Board of Zoning Adjustment in March, Kocak filed an application to transform the building into a prepared food shop.

The new restaurant differs dramatically from Philly Pizza, an establishment that had angered residents due to excessive noise, trash and rowdy behavior by late-night customers.

The final consent form, which was approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment and Kocak’s attorney, explicitly forbids the sale of pizza at the building. The new restaurant will not be allowed to cook raw ingredients not meant for immediate consumption, including meat and dough. The form also limits operation times between 6 and 1 a.m. The new restaurant will stop serving food at 12:45 a.m.

In addition, Kocak said that the new restaurant will not have delivery, so as to avoid blocking the street and alleys with delivery cars. Any customers eating outside of the restaurant will be considered loiterers and penalties will be enforced by the Metropolitan Police Department. Kocak agreed to promptly report the loiterers to MPD on the consent form.

Local opinion remains strongly opposed to the restaurant, despite the new regulations. Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans has publicly vowed to shut down the establishment, while presumptive Mayor Vincent Gray said that he would hold the zoning and regulation agencies accountable to the local citizens.

Despite the negative sentiment, Kocak remains hopeful his restaurant will win over area residents.

“We’re going to be working with the neighborhood. We don’t want any complaints,” Kocak said.

Students are skeptical of the new store, and the consequences of the regulations.

“Philly P’s hasn’t been the same since it moved my freshman year,” Brendan Gottschall (COL ’12) said. Gottschall added that he did not intend to visit the new restaurant.

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