Rainy weather did not stop students, faculty and alumni from taking part in Georgetown’s 65th Homecoming Weekend, featuring events old and new highlighted by a come-from-behind football victory for the Hoyas on Saturday.

Before the game, which Georgetown won 24-21 against the Fordham University Rams, Hoya fans gathered outside the McDonough Gymnasium for a tailgate offering barbeque and beer. JunkFood, an area band, provided the music for the event.

Homecoming Chair Erin Barbato (COL ’06) called the event a success.

“I am really impressed,” Barbato said during the tailgate. “It’s raining and it’s packed. . [It’s] definitely one of the best homecomings I’ve been to despite the rain.”

Other festive homecoming events included the Georgetown Homecoming Formal and Chimes Night at The Tombs on Thursday, a charity fundraiser on Saturday and various alumni reunions throughout the weekend.

Over 700 students and alumni attended the homecoming formal, which was resurrected by the Georgetown Events Committee after not being held in the past decade. The event raised around $10,000 for the Pediatric Center at the Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Center.

The formal, which was held at City Tavern Club on M Street, featured performances by the Chimes, the Tim Egan Experience and Rex Kwan Do, featuring Bryan Bobo.

Fritz Brogan (COL ’07), co-chair of the events committee, said that members of the committee wanted to restore the homecoming dance tradition to “boost school spirit and foster a bond between students and the university.”

In addition to the tailgate and football game, members of the community attended a Medical Center panel on children’s health and a community service day at the Watts Branch Park on Saturday, which was sponsored by the Georgetown Club of etropolitan Washington, D.C.

Alumni met former classmates at class reunion parties and open houses throughout the weekend and attended a special alumni mass in Dahlgren Chapel on Sunday.

One of the major homecoming highlights was the inaugural Mr. Georgetown

Pageant held in Gaston Hall on Friday. Ten senior men, sponsored by various on-campus student organizations, showed off outfits, ranging from thongs to eveningwear, on the walkway.

Contestants also had to show their various talents in a performance. Adam Arguelles (SFS ’06) performed a rhythmic gymnastics routine to “Chariots of Fire,” while Paul Fiorilli (COL ’06) sang a Georgetown-inspired edition of “American Pie.” One performer, Greg Booth (MSB ’06), attempted to eat two super Chipotle burritos in five minutes.

In the end, Adam Giblin (SFS ’06), who sits on The Hoya’s Board of Directors, was crowned Mr. Georgetown.

“I’m shaking,” he said after winning the title. “We did it for Georgetown.”

As the winner, Giblin decided which charity the proceeds from the event would benefit. He chose the Point Foundation, which provides academic scholarships to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

The pageant, which was sponsored by the Georgetown Program Board, also featured performances by the Phantoms, Georgetown University Step Team and student comedian Emcee Lance Weiss (COL ’06).

Other events on Friday included a Lecture Fund reception, a coffeehouse and poetry night sponsored by the Black House, and a reading with English professor Maureen Corrigan at Chapters Literary Bookstore.

Meghan Exley, associate director of special events for the Office of Alumni and University Relations, said she was impressed by the attendance at the homecoming tailgate and football game.

“I honestly cannot believe the amount of people that are here,” she said. “It certainly seems to be the biggest one [in years], which is fantastic because of the weather.”

Students seemed to enjoy the time to mix and mingle with their fellows Hoyas.

“[I’m having] so much fun it’s ridiculous,” Ramon Gaztambide (SFS ’06) said.

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