Lauinger Library is not always a place that excites John Goodman (SFS ’06), but the Georgetown sophomore said he is pumped about Lauinger’s new Millennium News Room.

Students can use the room, which was completely funded by alumni donations, as a quiet place to watch news coverage and other programs.

“It’s cool we can go to this to catch up on the latest campus events because sometimes I feel Georgetown students are just really busy,” he said.

The new room, located adjacent to the library lobby, features a new plasma television screen and a high-tech sound system as well as new carpet, wall covering and seating.

According to a library statement, the library is hoping to “create a comfortable environment in which to catch up on the latest news and campus events.”

To facilitate this, there will soon be an online form for students, faculty and administration to request programming for the room.

The Millennium News Room is the latest in a series of high-tech additions that have been brought to the library over the course of the school year. These have included plasma television screens in the lobby featuring round-the-clock news coverage and a new electronic check-out system.

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